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  • ... April 12, 2017

    Sakura Jam BEGINS!

    by Sonya

    The Sakura Jam has officially begun!

    What is the Sakura Jam?

    The Sakura Jam is a 30 day long game jam and contest for users on CloudNovel to create a visual novel themed around spring, romance, and the color pink!

    What dates does this run?

    April 12th, 2017 through May 12th, 2017!

    How do I sign up?

    Just send Sonya a private message saying you want to join the Sakura Jam and you are officially signed up!

    Can I start making my visual novel? Can I also publish my novel?

    YES, go ahead and start making your visual novel now, you have until May 12th to make your visual novel!

    What is the contest? What is the prize?

    1st Place:

    50,000 Points

    Choose a Personal Rank Icon (Princess, Fairy, Legendary Hero)

    2nd Place:

    10,000 Points

    Get a Samurai or Hime(Japanese Princess) Rank Icon

    3rd Place:

    5,000 Points

    Get a Ninja or Kunoichi(Ninja Girl) Rank Icon

    Runner Ups:

    2000-3000 Points

    All participants will receive a Sakura rank icon!

    Where can I post the progress of my novel?

    You can post it in the Sakura Jam event forum! This is the ongoing projects for all entrants to the Sakura Jam! When you're done you can publish your visual novel (in your projects dashboard) and/or post the link to your visual novel for everyone to play in your thread :)
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  • ... March 30, 2017

    Sakura Jam Teaser Trailer

    by Sonya
    Sakura Jam 2017 - Coming Soon!

    More Info/How to sign up
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  • ... March 28, 2017

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