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  • ... July 17, 2017

    Uploading files to CloudNovel

    by Sonya
    A big new feature has been added!

    You can now create Professional visual novels and upload files to your visual novel on CloudNovel directly instead of uploading it to a third party hosting site!

    Try it now, everyone has been given 1000 points to try out 1GB of storage!
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  • ... June 21, 2017

    Summer Sun Jam

    by Sonya
    Summer Sun Jam

    How do I join?

    Send Sonya a PM and she will add you to the list of participants! (you may start making your visual novel now, the contest will end on August 8th 2017 at midnight!)

    After our very successful Sakura Jam, CloudNovel presents to you...

    Summer Sun Jam

    hosted by CloudNovel. B)


    Mid July 2017.

    How Long?

    20 days.

    Theme of Jam:

    Action stories, summer/beach, Yellow or Orange!

    How do I join?

    Send Sonya a PM and she will add you to the list of participants! (you may start planning your visual novel now)


    The Summer Sun Jam is NOT a contest like the Sakura Jam. Anyone who participates and publishes a visual novel will get a minimum of 500 points to maximum of 2000 points! All participants will also get a Sun rank (or may choose to keep their current rank if they prefer that).

    More info will come soon! Thanks for reading
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  • ... June 1, 2017

    Win FREE Points from CloudNovel Social Media

    by Sonya

    I will now be hosting CloudNovel trivia questions on our twitter and facebook page, and the first person who answers correct will win free points, from 100 points to up to 10,000 points! These questions will be none other than trivia on the visual novels that are on CloudNovel, so make sure to play them to answer them correctly! (the author of the visual novel in question cannot win, please don't give away the answer!!)

    Follow us on twitter and like us on facebook, and I just posted our first trivia question on twitter:

    In the visual novel "Life On!" by Otometaku, what is the name of the blonde hair purple eyed boy with fan girls chasing him around Hershvard Academy?

    Make sure to reply with the hashtag #CloudNovelTrivia when you answer! First person to retweet with the correct answer will win 2,500 points!
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