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  • ... May 25, 2017

    New Video Tutorials

    by Sonya
    Here are 3 new video tutorials:

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  • ... May 24, 2017

    New Asset Bars

    by Sonya
    Hey guys, we have a big update recently, we added a new asset called Bars

    Here is two sample bars you can use to test it out:

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  • ... May 22, 2017

    Winners of the Sakura Jam 2017

    by Sonya

    Winners of the Sakura Jam 2017

    Runner Ups

    Toffee Kingdom:

    This visual novel has great cinematography on the opening scene. The flash of white and black is very effective in pulling the player in. The artist is also very skilled and the style used for the CG is a great combination of pastel coloring and line art that make the illustrations look like a painting. The ui is very minimalist, but at the same time has a touch of femininity with the heart arrow icon. It is very professional looking, and the animations and movements of the characters and images are gorgeous and the timing is perfect.


    Kimono fits the theme 'spring' and 'sakura' quite well. It’s so bright and colorful. I was sad to see it end with its intriguing story line. We want more!

    The style of the character art is also very unique! Good job on this; it is a very well made game.

    Miniature Love Garden:

    The mini games in this visual novel are very advanced, and fun to play! The creator is very creative in how she made the exploring map for you to explore the houses, parks, and stores. I just love how you need to buy all the supplies from the store, and can find more money if you explore the park. How Fluffness made the “plant the seed” game is also very creative and I love how she made the animations when you interact with the supplies you buy (planting the seed, adding fertilizer, watering the mound of dirt). Overall it is definitely a step away from the traditional visual novels and more of a real game. I recommend everyone try Miniature Love Garden!

    Other World:

    Other world is more then what meets the eye. Upon reading the description and the tittle you would think that some fantasy stuff was to take place right away. What we judges were not expecting the terrifyingly accurate bullying and life the this visual novel and the traumas they had to endure. It is well written to say the least and wish there was more to read, it was one of those visual novels that ended too soon.

    A Thousand Springs:

    This visual novel’s opening music is very catchy and is a great choice for pulling the player in. I love how the style of the art coincides with the music it adds a very nice touch, almost fairytale like and a mix of french rococo. Overall very cute visual novel and great job!


    This fantasy visual novel has a very intriguing plot, with all four seasons involved and a dynamic plot against the evil of the frost. It is a very good premise to a very good story. Overall, great story and plot!

    Approaching Aphelion:

    This visual novel has a very interesting style of character art, and has a vector feel of clear cut paper quality. It makes the visual novel very unique, and the user interface also has uniqueness to it that no other visual novel on CloudNovel has. Overall a very interesting demo, and we can’t wait to read/see more!

    That is all for runner ups, next come the winners of the 2017 Sakura Jam!

    3rd Place


    This visual novel has probably one of the best graphics for its user interface I’ve seen on CloudNovel. The design and the interactions are great, I especially love the map, the character bio screens, and I absolutely love the textbox. How Unimii placed the textbox character/avatar to the right of the screen instead of the left is very interesting, and makes this visual novel unique. The easing of the character animations is also very effective and adds professionalism to this game. Overall, great job and we think this visual novel deserves 3rd place! Congrats Uniimii!

    2nd Place

    Rococo Love (Alpha)

    The menu and the illustrations created for this visual novel is absolutely gorgeous! The way FishyFeathers programmed the flower bouquet mini game is very creative and is one of the first “hide & seek and match” games on CloudNovel. I lost but it has a lot of replay value. The writing as absolutely funny as well, “your wood isn’t big enough” to the obnoxious arrogant Casin is hilarious. I could not stop laughing. He reminds me of Gaston from beauty and the beast. With the amount of work and programming put into this visual novel we believe it deserves second place! Congrats to FishyFeathers.

    1st Place

    Life ✿ On!

    Writing is great. I haven’t read such funny dialogue in such a long time. The existential moment Lyn has with God then she says “wait a minute, I’m an atheist” is the cutest thing ever! It’s great how the library books keeps up with the times with books that we read, Romeo and Juliet, Great Gatsby, we can definitely relate! Music choice is fantastic; it fits the emotion with the pacing of the story. The little animations of the characters make it come alive too. Overall fantastic and with the amount of work put into this visual novel, we believe it deserves first place! Congratulations to OtomeOtaku!

    That's it for the Sakura Jam 2017 event. Stay tuned for next year! Everyone who participated will get special rank icons on their accounts (and top 3 winners will get special icons)! We hope everyone had lots of fun!
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