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  • ... September 9, 2017

    Halloween Visual Novel Showcase

    by Sonya
    Do you have a Halloween visual novel or plan to release a spooky visual novel?

    Send Sonya a PM and she will feature it in October on the front page of CloudNovel!

    (We will not be having a Halloween/October Jam this year, but we will still feature Halloween Visual Novels) :ninja:
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  • ... September 9, 2017

    Winter Jam 2017

    by Sonya

    CloudNovel presents to you...

    Winter Jam 2017

    hosted by CloudNovel B)


    December 1st 2017 - January 31st 2018

    How Long?

    60 days.

    Theme of Jam:

    Winter, Holidays, Snow!

    How do I join?

    Enter on the contest page!


    Top 3 winners will receive special ranks, and the first place winner will be able to choose the rank of his/her choice (Princess, Wolf, Fairy, etc)

    Winners will also receive points to create their own character art with CloudNovel dress up games (coming soon)

    More info will come soon! Thanks for reading
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  • ... August 12, 2017

    Highlights of Summer Jam 2017

    by Sonya
    Highlights of the Summer Jam 2017

    The Red Wood

    The red wood is a great sequel to Fluffness and Monoyagi’s visual novel Red Grimly Tale. Once again with the great art style by Monoyagi, Fluffness manages to put together a visual novel with battle scenes where you fight off ghosts and even a witch! I won’t spoil anything (you should play it yourself as it is really fun) but you steal a magical stuffed bear from the witch which will become your fighting apprentice. You even get to name your bear (I named mine George) and you fight off many opponents from the story of Red Grimly Tale. You even get to see a grown up version of Red, the main character from Red Grimly Tale. Overall this is a very great visual novel for the Summer Sun jam, and we will be rewarding 5000 points to Fluffness!

    Crazy Girl

    Crazy Girl is a funny and creative 4th wall breaking story about a girl who is stuck at home with nothing to do at summer. You play a character named Joy who you can choose to do certain activities to do every day of the summer, whether that would be studying, playing video games, or even prepping for the SAT. Although this is a demo, this is one of the best visual novel simulators on CloudNovel. Really fun, and the clever animations are absolutely adorable! We will be rewarding 4500 points!

    Mermaid Serenade

    Mermaid Serenade is a very pretty visual novel about mermaids singing in a music composition. The art style is very unique and it is a stamp of how talented the author Astara is. You can choose from 3 mermaids to play as and in the you get to face off and do singing battles. It is a really clever way of doing mini game battles in visual novels, and this is a very fun game, highly recommended! We will reward 4000 points!

    Winning the Moon

    Winning the moon is about the story of Purnama, The second Princess of The Lunar Kingdom who is sent off towards the Solar Kingdom to be wed during the Summer Festival but the princess turns out to be a Prince! This gender bend visual novel has gorgeous stunning art and I highly recommend playing it. We will be rewarding 4000 points!

    Pretty Heka Majokko

    Pretty Heka Majokko is an Egyptian visual novel with very gorgeous art style of ancient Egypt style neo kemet. This visual novel is actually about a story of a magical girl named Aya, a high school girl who is on a quest to discover what is causing the withering. Although this is a demo, it is a great example of art and great plot to a summer story. We will be rewarding 3000 points!

    Other honorable mentions include

    Gudetama Visual Novel

    Gudetama Visual Novel (no points rewarded, created by the hosts of Summer sun Jam)

    The Night Lullaby

    Night Lullaby (1000 points)

    Forbidden Gambit

    Forbidden Gambit (1000 points)

    That's it for the summer jam, we will be giving the points out to those who who won before the end of this weekend (don't worry everyone who participated will receive points)
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