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  • ... February 15, 2017

    Thank you to 20,000+ users

    by Sonya
    We have officially reached 20,000 members the day before Valentines day! According to google analytics we have around 10,000 page views every day. I'm so glad that we have an active and growing community going and I hope to continue fixing bugs and adding new features to our engine and website!

    That's all! Also here are the rules for the pre-Sakura Jam:

    1. Can I post my Sakura Jam game before the jam begins?

    A: Yes, but only 25% can be complete of your whole visual novel.

    2. What is 25%?

    You must have no more than 1 scene, and less than 10 pages put in. You can start making and adding assets(such as characters and images) to your library and writing your script, but they CANNOT be put in the physical scenes of your Sakura Jam visual novel.
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  • ... February 5, 2017

  • ... February 5, 2017

    Admin is Back

    by Sonya
    Hello, I am officially back from vacation!

    I just came back to Cincinnati a few hours ago, and so far I answered all the messages people have sent me via PM.

    If you haven't already noticed, I have already made some changes to the play page when playing your visual novel. There is now an ad to the right of your visual novel! Don't worry, the ad will not appear in your project preview or the full screen or embedded visual novel modes. They will ONLY appear on the play page.

    I will now be able to answer questions, add new features, and be preparing for the Sakura Jam coming April 2017, and this is just a tentative date, but right now we are looking at a start date of the Jam at April 12th. A countdown to the event will be created so everyone will know when the jam will start AND end.

    That's all for now! A big thank you for everybody for keeping our small community going and growing :wub: :whee: :D
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