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The Sigj Completed Girl pursues Boy

by callmedoc

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Released Sun Oct 08 2017

by callmedoc

138 Subscribers
It's an October night and you're at your computer. You go to click on this latest visual novel but something doesn't feel right. You look down at your hands only to realize your fingers are now bats. The keyboard is a skeleton's rib cage. You try and let out a scream but all that comes out is the monster mash.

Now that you've been prepped for a scary mood, I can properly announce this October project. It's spooky month and that means a spooky story with way spooky things going on!

such as super natural forces entering one man's apartment! ooOOOooo~

Something about death and the demonic! ooOOoOOoooOO~

And a halloween/birthday party that no one attends. DepreeeeEsssSSSsssing!

So join me and get spooked! ( not really )


credits inside game


Prestonquest Aug 17th, 2019

It's better if you imagine Irpo sounds like Fink from OK KO the entire time... Which is what I did lmao
Very cute! I loved it.

LexiGameDev Aug 6th, 2019

Good job!
I enjoyed it :-)

AureliaAvalon Jun 8th, 2019

Aww this was so sweet to read<3 reread it twice