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he/him Game developing as a hobby.
Joined Apr 26th, 2020
he/him Game developing as a hobby.
Joined Apr 26th, 2020
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Apr 16th, 2022
Replied to a comment on Drury’s Closet:
NinthCapsul said: Oh, this looks so nice!
Thanks! your game for the Valentines game jam looks great as well!
Apr 7th, 2022
Replied to a comment on Drury’s Closet:
ElonChan said: It's cute, I love it! 😍
Thank You!😄
Dec 29th, 2021
Posted a new reply in Upcoming Rpg: Pokémon Mega mix and Pokémon Silent voice in the Discuss Your RPG forum:
Byssa6 said: _-* FANCY UPDATE THING *-_
Here's a list of stuff that's gonna be in the fangame.

* Fossil Pokemon or "Rune pokemon" as the game likes to call it, are pokemon that instead of being revived by fossils, are revived from ancient runes. They all now share the ghost type instead of the rock type, and most of them have a two stage evolution line.they are based on the medieval period in boat Europe and South Korea, the area that inspires this reigon.

@Byssa6 I find it really cool you named the enby character Juno. I'm learning a lot of Mythology and Juno is the Roman equivalent to Hera, Queen of the gods and goddess of marriage, childbirth, women, and family. One of her symbols is a peacock, so it would be really cool if you hinted at that in the design. I got so carried away by the idea that I actually came up with a design myself! I hope you can take some inspiration from it. If you'd like to learn more about Juno, you can look at wikipedia. 
Aug 31st, 2021
Released Sea Sonzai [DEMO]!
Aug 7th, 2021
Created new topic My New Original Character in the Chit Chat forum: This is Bitcoin Google Smith. He works at an office and enjoys reading books. His best friend’s name is Tronc Apple Johnson. Tronc likes to read as well, and they go to the library every Thursday for book club. Now I’m building lore for this amazing story. 

(Also, this is satire)
Apr 25th, 2021
Followed TurnerJFrost.
Apr 10th, 2021
Followed rococoBasilisk.
Apr 8th, 2021
Apr 8th, 2021
Followed WedgeRabbit in the Discuss Your Visual Novel forum.
Apr 7th, 2021
Replied to a comment on Peppermint Gifts [DEMO]:
senshine86 said: This is cute, I just think there should be a change when a new character talks, because it can be hard to tell who's talking. Maybe a bounce or glow or moving to the center 0; ? I think it's a really cute demo though, I like music and designs :D
Thanks! Your feedback actually gave me some new ideas! I’ll try to work on that soon!
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