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Before The Tale   R-18 Completed

Before The Tale   R-18 Completed

by biancaneve

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2,441 Words
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Released Sat Oct 17 2015

by biancaneve

#Romance#Thriller#Before The Tale#Gothic Horror#Gothic#Horror#Mystery
Kinetic Horror Mystery
The secret of Rose Hill's infamous Baron.


bradena1 Apr 23rd, 2021

Love the art! I can't draw for shit though...

KEAGAPLIER Feb 20th, 2021

i like the music and the the art

oneinamillion Jul 2nd, 2020

it's a good game!!

TerapinStudios Mar 31st, 2020

seeing the second girls perspective of the baron wooing her and her uncovering his skeletons would be so cool

justmirainee Aug 17th, 2019

Aaaaah it's so good! I really wanted to know what would actually happen to the girl (even though I can imagine lol) and what would she do, how would she react... I love the way you wrote it, makes us feel like we're the baron

MusicalLover Jul 7th, 2019

whatttt is that it???? :0 how could you do this to me! i got soo invested in this story! wow i cant believe its so short lol

AureliaAvalon Jun 9th, 2019

if only there was a sequel to this T^T of the girl's perspective after meeting this strange but handsome baron pursuing her. will she finally figure out the whole truth and be able to bring a means to an end to prevent a loop from happening? or will she suffer after doing something the original Rose wont? that kinda thing

AureliaAvalon Jun 9th, 2019

I remember playing this game like 3 years ago omg i feel old now xD