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Before The Tale R-18 Completed

by biancaneve

11 Subscribers
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Released Sat Oct 17 2015

by biancaneve

11 Subscribers
The secret of Rose Hill's infamous Baron.

All resources used in the game belong to their respective owners.

---- UPDATE -----
10/08/17 - Fixed images link.
11/14/17 - Added tags.


Credits inside the game


justmirainee Aug 17th, 2019

Aaaaah it's so good! I really wanted to know what would actually happen to the girl (even though I can imagine lol) and what would she do, how would she react... I love the way you wrote it, makes us feel like we're the baron

MusicalLover Jul 7th, 2019

whatttt is that it???? :0 how could you do this to me! i got soo invested in this story! wow i cant believe its so short lol

AureliaAvalon Jun 9th, 2019

if only there was a sequel to this T^T of the girl's perspective after meeting this strange but handsome baron pursuing her. will she finally figure out the whole truth and be able to bring a means to an end to prevent a loop from happening? or will she suffer after doing something the original Rose wont? that kinda thing

AureliaAvalon Jun 9th, 2019

I remember playing this game like 3 years ago omg i feel old now xD