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Be Less Single Completed Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy

by lalagirl16, whyamiheere

470 Subscribers
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Released Sat Sep 01 2018

by lalagirl16, whyamiheere

470 Subscribers
A Be More Chill Dating Sim. Play as Jeremy Heere and date Michael Mell, Jake Dillinger, Brooke Lohst, Rich Goranski, or Christine Canigula.

Windows 64 -
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brookieCookie Feb 18th, 2019

hi just wanted to know if this game works on windows 10

LevelEnderGirl Feb 17th, 2019

I love the art stile of this game! I believe it works really well and doesn't brake character! I was really exited to play this game and it really blew me away!

RoyalHeartless Feb 16th, 2019

Just did Michaels route twice. First time i got the bad ending then i went through... fixed my many mistakes and got the good ending. I will say the save and load feature is very buggy at times though. Other than that it was amazing, and I’m gonna try to get both endings.

zetnasilver Feb 14th, 2019

I finished the Brooke route and the first time I did it I screwed up and things "took a turn for the worse" and I genuinely felt awful so I wanted to redeem myself and do it right, and when I did, it felt amazing. Fantastic game!

AxelJem Feb 13th, 2019

i just finished the Rich route and cried, this was so well written. good job

WinterConure Feb 13th, 2019

A bit buggy, but never less extremely Fun, addicting, and amazing!!

SomeoneAtSomewhere Feb 9th, 2019


Sonya Feb 6th, 2019

Wonderful game!!!