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Be Less Single   Completed Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy

Be Less Single   Completed Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy

by lalagirl16, whyamiheere

612 Subscribers
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Released Sat Sep 01 2018

by lalagirl16, whyamiheere
612 Subscribers

A Be More Chill Dating Sim. Play as Jeremy Heere and date Michael Mell, Jake Dillinger, Brooke Lohst, Rich Goranski, or Christine Canigula.


FearTheHeere Sep 15th, 2022

its been 3 years WHAAAAT

FearTheHeere Sep 15th, 2022

the autism strikes back time to play this again

Jenny0 Sep 12th, 2022

Only one question. HOW DID YOU ADD MUSIC AND SOUNDS IN GENERAL?! I'm struggling with that...

JustAGachaNerd Aug 31st, 2022

I’ve done the good endings too many times, I’ve got my comfort playlist and snacks for after I finish the bad endings. Pray for me

k1llj0yc0rps3 Jul 18th, 2022

Micheal Route:
Change the subject
Tell Michael
I'll take those odds
Let Michael win
Ask about why he never texted
Punch him
Be confident
Get closer
420, 69, or 216. Any of those will give you different answers :)
Yes, I have changed
Tease him
Tell him about Chloe
I just need time
Stop joking around

just copying this here for myself so i don't have to scroll down

k1llj0yc0rps3 Jul 17th, 2022

"Jake will come around"

Join Rich


"Give me a break!"

"That's not true!"

Under the bad



Pat down Rich like a police officer

Check his pockets

Like...the Color...Red?

"I Understand"

"This is your chance to talk to Jake"

Stay sober

Have fun

Confused bisexual stuttering

"That's enough"

"It's complicated."

"You need to talk to him!"

Take the shot yourself

"I can't wait to hear your poem!"

Stay quiet

"That was awesome!"

Leave it

Scoot closer

"Because you're amazing"

"We should play AoTD like we used to"

just copying this here for myself so i don't have to scroll down a bunch

LECH Jul 13th, 2022

nostalgia ooh yeah

squipassmfer Jun 18th, 2022

wait they still call jenna what

sodabubbles Apr 5th, 2022

I was doing michaels route and it glitched and Michael showed up as the MDR as they were talking about making the smores hcuejw

TrashyGrey Mar 18th, 2022

I got the bad Michael ending because i chose to tell him about the squip, and i tried so hard to make things right but i couldnt! :(
Great game, love it, about to retry for the good Michael ending, wish me luck :')
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