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Be Less Single   Completed Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy

Be Less Single   Completed Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy

by lalagirl16, whyamiheere

550 Subscribers
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Released Sat Sep 01 2018

by lalagirl16, whyamiheere
550 Subscribers

A Be More Chill Dating Sim. Play as Jeremy Heere and date Michael Mell, Jake Dillinger, Brooke Lohst, Rich Goranski, or Christine Canigula.


aphrodites Mar 27th, 2020

no squip ive been playing for 2 days because im on lockdown and cant leave my house

DikuIsMyBabey Mar 17th, 2020

no time to b e a t t h e m e a t

HitachiOtaku Mar 10th, 2020

Model 4.20
Model 6.90

GooseJacket Feb 22nd, 2020

I love thisssss!!! But something that always bugs me is that I'll save, and then go back and the text box is missing and I can't find it. Can you fix that/can someone tell me how to deal with this?

TrioGamer Feb 15th, 2020

The best thing ever is clicking "eh, I'll pass" and just watching the game end. Like, I got over 12 hours of game play from this and when I played again, it ended before it started.

MichaelTheMan42 Feb 3rd, 2020

you cant just abandon 12 years of friendship.

why not? you did.

sfthefurry Jan 20th, 2020

I don't understand why it's not working for me. The screen starts off black, but when you click "Save" or "Load" and click on a blank slot, it goes up to 100% and then goes blank again.

zyrinprovenwall Jan 14th, 2020

FearTheHeere Jan 13th, 2020


Fionacle Jan 11th, 2020

It keeps reloading before I save which is annoying, but I'm really enjoying this so far! I wanna do the Michael route but I'm definitely going back for the others after!
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