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Be Less Single Completed Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy

by lalagirl16, whyamiheere

531 Subscribers
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Released Sat Sep 01 2018

by lalagirl16, whyamiheere

531 Subscribers
A Be More Chill Dating Sim. Play as Jeremy Heere and date Michael Mell, Jake Dillinger, Brooke Lohst, Rich Goranski, or Christine Canigula.

Windows 64 -
Windows 32 -
Mac -


FearTheHeere Aug 22nd, 2019

IT TOOK ME 5 1/2 HOURS BUT I FINALLY GOT THE GOOD ENDING FOR MICHAEL IT WAS SO WORTH IT OH MY GOD IT WAS SO CUTEEeeee (but omg the ansgty one h u r t me i cried for like, half an hour--)

FearTheHeere Aug 22nd, 2019

SKODJskdsjlkfds I can't. I love this game too much--

probablymichaelmell Aug 21st, 2019

Dustin's route? did you mean the cutest shit I've ever seen?

falconspirit13 Aug 19th, 2019

when michael asks me if ill kill the squip the only option is "i cant" please helpppp

MusicalsSavedMyLife Aug 19th, 2019


makesanentrance Aug 13th, 2019

In case y'all are stuck on the Jake route, here's a walkthrough!
-When you and Jake are 'introducing' yourselves to each other, Crack a Joke
-When Jake congratulates you for doing 17 pushups in the mall, say 'Thanks'
-When you want to strike up a conversation with Jake, select 'There's Something on Your Cheek'
-When Jake turns the attention to you, talk about The Newly-Announced Apocalypse of the Damned Movie
-After Jake takes that phone call, ask 'What Was That About?'
-When Jake talks about you joining track, Tell The Truth
-When you're talking about Madeline, ask if she's actually French
-Set Up Drinks, Put Up Streamers and then Clear Furniture (although it doesn't really matter)
-When you start moving the furniture, Give Up And Flirt With Jake
-Get Jake a Jagerbomb
-When Jake asks you to sing karaoke with him, say 'Hell Yeah!"
-When Chloe and Jake are arguing, Try to Break it Up
-After Jake yells at Rich, say 'You Were Too Hard on Him'
-When you're looking at the photo and Jake re-enters, Ask Jake About His Parents
-When you're looking at the candles and Jake shows you his, tell him it smells like him (select 'You')
-When you go to get the Gatorade, ask 'Wanna Go Together?'
-When the Captain asks to sit next to Jake, Tell Him 'No'
-When Dunlap breaks Jake's record, say 'I'm Sorry'
And the rest should run smoothly!

Brynie13 Aug 7th, 2019

..the squip told me i sucked at this lmao

Robinpines10 Aug 7th, 2019

how do i get Dustin's route i'm so confused

gayluup Aug 1st, 2019

for some reason when im on the michael route and It happens it jumps to the christine route then back to the michael route at the end of the scene lol

dragonpotter Jul 25th, 2019

I got Christine's good ending and it only took four tries.
Welp! Time to suffer through the Michael route's bad end again-

BreadWarrior Jul 24th, 2019

After several hours I have finally gotten Michael's good ending.
It was so worth it oh my god.

BreadWarrior Jul 23rd, 2019

I just wanna say
Michael's bad ending is freaking heartbreaking

dontbeCONCERNED Jul 22nd, 2019

holy shit, Michael's good end was soooo fucking worth it

MichealMell20 Jul 22nd, 2019

How come Chole and Jenna are not in here? Even though you don't have to date them I think it will be cool to have the whole squip gang all together.

dontbeCONCERNED Jul 22nd, 2019

Okay, but like, i am way too attached to Dustin now, he is my new son and i love him

RaeBMCfan Jul 20th, 2019

i got the good ending. my heart feels whole again

SquippedLoser Jul 16th, 2019

I was able to get Michael's good ending and accidentally closed the tab

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

How do I get the Dustin Route??

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

y o u n e e d t o s t o p

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

Thicccc Rich

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

it's me, ya boi

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

it keeps loading still

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

I'm trying to make the comments up to 169, don't mind me

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

He made my heart go uwu

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

Rich is so cute

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019


BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019


BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

It's still loading

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

Oh no, the game won't load!!!!

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

I'm on the Christine route, she is so much squish

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

BigBoiRichhh Jul 13th, 2019

Big Boi

GreenAppless Jul 12th, 2019

in Michael's route, when Michael ask me for taking the mountain dew red, it just says "i can't" and i don't know what to do, is there a solution for this? pls Help 8(

TheRealDrum Jul 10th, 2019

Brooke's route is honestly the cutest in my opinion

Michaelplayer1 Jul 10th, 2019

HI. this game is amazing but i can't go after first scene. when Jeremy go to school screen is all black and it won't load. PLEASE HELP

BeepBepp Jul 9th, 2019

"Jake will come around" (good rich route)
Join Rich
"Give me a break!"
Hug Rich
//top to bottom//(bed, closet, desk, pat down rich)
Check Rich's Pockets
"I'm So Sorry"
Ask the Squip
Get Drunk
"Be Safe"
Hear More of Rich's Gossip
That's Enough
"It's Complicated"
"Jake Wanted to Talk to You."
Take the Shot Yourself
"I Can't-Wait to Hear Your Poem."
Tell Rich
"That Was Awesome!"
Leave It
Scoot Closer
"Because You Get Me."
"Do You Wanna Come Over Tonight?"

BeepBepp Jul 8th, 2019

how do I stop it from skiping HELP

GETDEMBOIS Jul 4th, 2019

The end of the REALLY bad Michael route is so emotional but then.... THANK YOU, Jeremy still doesnt get Michael tho :(

ChampJ19 Jul 4th, 2019

Rich's route is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! <3

april821 Jul 4th, 2019

So I'm on the Michael route and whenever he is asking Jeremy to take Mountain Dew Red it only shows the option of "I can't", and no matter how many times i save it and reload, it just won't show me any other option, so I just like can't finish it correctly. Does anyone have a solution..?

dreamworksjoan Jul 3rd, 2019

how could i ACCIDENTALLY get the secret route what the fuck

losserrrr Jun 26th, 2019

in the jake route it says the time i spent with rich today, instead of jake other then that its 10/10

GhostyBoy Jun 25th, 2019

I was gonna do the bad paths but I don't want to see all of them sad SOOOOOO I'm gonna just look at it on youtube

THatNERD Jun 19th, 2019

So after I choose to save, the conversation and characters just disappear from screen? It`s a little annoying.

Bemorechill420 Jun 19th, 2019


LeoLance Jun 16th, 2019

No One:

KeithTodoroki Jun 13th, 2019

The game doesn't load, i'll press "New Game" and then it'll go to a black screen and wont load. and if it does load then it freezes after a couple seconds.

TheYellowFlowerLives Jun 13th, 2019

Holy crap Jakes route is so freaking cute

YisaHere Jun 7th, 2019

dudeeee that secret ending tho-

SomeoneUWU Jun 7th, 2019

I cannot tell you how much I relate to Jeremy on a personal level-

CapnDesDes Jun 4th, 2019

I need help with Rich

mirandacosgrove Jun 4th, 2019

uh, i was just on the crhistine route, and it switched me over to the jake route? h e l p???

LanceTheTailor Jun 1st, 2019

Have a hEcKinG MicHaEL rOuTE walkthrough!! (Oh golly please don't delete my comment for this) -ahem-.
-When Michael brings up Jeremy wanting to be cool, Change The Subject
-At 7/11, get the Lemonade flavor
-When you get back to Michael's basement, tell him the SQUIP is back
-Don't let the SQUIP help you beat Level 9 (Select "I'll take those odds")
-Let Michael win on Mario Kart
-At school, ask Michael why he hasn't been texting.
-Punch Michael when he tells you to
-When Michael suggests shotgunning, Be Confident!
-When you shotgun the second time, Get Closer (Not REALLY Close!)
-When Michael asks how many Pineapples there are in the entire World, say 69.
-When Michael mentions everything at the Arcade changing but you, say "Yeah, I guess I have Changed"
-After Michael falls at the Roller Rink, Tease Him about it.
-Tell Michael about what happened with Chloe
-When the SQUIP is brought up again, tell Michael "I Just Need Time"
-After you get Takis from the vending machine, and Michael makes a joke, say "Can you stop joking about it like that?"
-Tell Michael you'll get rid of the SQUIP
Then the rest of the route should run smoothly! Enjoy!~

mintythewolf May 29th, 2019

I see Homestuck in your room Jeremy-

lostinspace May 17th, 2019

I can't get the good Michael ending help QwQ

LemonWig May 10th, 2019

Wondergrl34 May 9th, 2019

How do you get Micheals good route? it seems imossible

Wondergrl34 May 9th, 2019

somehow I got Micheal's bad route??? I didn't think I could suck at a dating sim lol

BizTice May 9th, 2019

"I switch."

ShotoNemar May 7th, 2019

Yeah it was good, though a bit hard to get through since the assets don't like to load half the time. I really liked the writing, it fits the characters and you really brought out as much emotion as you could with it.

Kaylee6606 May 4th, 2019

Help- when Jeremy goes to leave his room it goes black and I can’t do anything?

theartisticfox Apr 29th, 2019

Yo also?? I started playing Christine's route but after the talk with Jeremy's dad, it switched to Rich's route??? What the flip?

theartisticfox Apr 29th, 2019

Whenever I go to load the game, it always overwrites my save file...

Bluguy Apr 28th, 2019

MjMellman Apr 28th, 2019

so theres this weird glich where whenever i save i cant see the text boxes anymore, but it still works

TwinChan Apr 23rd, 2019

Good novel

YisaHere Apr 23rd, 2019

i still can't figure out the pineapple question

chanekoko Apr 23rd, 2019

I got Michael's bad ending,, welp here we go again

oesophagus Apr 22nd, 2019

I can't get past the first few scenes. When Jeremy goes to walk to school, the game loads but it stops at 98%, is it normal ?

YisaHere Apr 22nd, 2019

me in the middle of christine's route: awww she's so adorable! i'll do her good end before dustin's secret route
dustin: *exists*

YisaHere Apr 22nd, 2019


YisaHere Apr 22nd, 2019

i can't even- THERE ARE SO MANY MUSICAL REFERENCES IN CHRISTINE'S ROUTE i can't stop smiling and laughing-

Choiiannie Apr 21st, 2019

I can’t get past the opening scene it just goes black

Guccigayfrog Apr 21st, 2019

Honestly I NEVER would have shipped Jeremy and Rich but holy SpongeBob that was so beautiful sksksksksksksksk

starsketcher Apr 14th, 2019

oml loving the 21 Chump St. references in Christine`s route

LanceTheTailor Apr 12th, 2019

"You do not have a face for glasses."

Uhhh- Will Roland?

YisaHere Apr 10th, 2019

i just have a question - i was playing christine's route but after the talk with jeremy's dad, suddenly brooke bumps into jeremy. i played brooke's route so i know that happens, but am i the only one getting the glitch or..? thanks :)

Maakkiam Apr 9th, 2019

I'm just a little confused. I just started the game, so please no spoilers, but am I supposed to know what a Squip is? And what happened at the play? Is there a previous game or no?

p0mp311 Apr 7th, 2019


UT Apr 7th, 2019

i got the rich bad end yo wtf im sobbing so hard ASDFGHJKL

UT Apr 7th, 2019


MistressKrissy7180 Apr 7th, 2019

How do I make Rich not kiss me when I'm switching to go for Michael ? I want to see the different paths, but Rich keeps kissing me...

MistressKrissy7180 Apr 7th, 2019


MistressKrissy7180 Apr 7th, 2019

I GOT RICHHHH ! SWEET He is so cuteeee and it's so emotional but I love the passion... Only I had to ignore Michael some more and that was sad...

UT Apr 6th, 2019

i got the micheal bad end y'all im sobbing

Bakugochan Apr 6th, 2019


Bakugochan Apr 6th, 2019

when i saw the waring for suicide and depression I'm like 'that's why i want to play this more because its me'

p0mp311 Apr 5th, 2019

well fuck

p0mp311 Apr 5th, 2019

how the fuck did i mess up the christine route

westcoastotaku Apr 3rd, 2019


Tex513 Mar 30th, 2019

I can't make Michael happy!!

theatergeek1 Mar 26th, 2019

how do you stop it from skipping?

SquippedJeremy Mar 25th, 2019

Christines route is deadass impossible for me r.i.p.

AnniFlamma Mar 23rd, 2019

Cute game! Really liked Richs route!!! :3

KiloKidXx Mar 22nd, 2019

i didn't know it was possible to be terrible at a dating sim, yet here i am, upsetting jakey like an idiot

SweetTea Mar 21st, 2019

the jake route????? is so good????? im dead bro

YisaHere Mar 20th, 2019


ps. I love the game aaaaaa

Belecanth Mar 18th, 2019

Definitely love the game but in the Rollar Rink scene with Michael the screen glitches and now I'm back in Michaels basement with the SQUIP. And now Michaels over lapping it.

SomeoneAtSomewhere Mar 18th, 2019

i played the michal route for 4 hours gay and i kept getting awful endings someone help me its supposed to be my birthday im sobs

izzika Mar 17th, 2019

When it first came out I wasn't able to play bc of the server problem. I suddenly remembered about it and I'm enjoying it so far :)

DaniQuint Mar 16th, 2019

i fucked up with micaaah

FandomBOI Mar 16th, 2019

It would be awesome if Lalagirl and the others made another game! I would definitely play it

FandomBOI Mar 16th, 2019

Thanks to this visual novel, I found out about BMC and I love it!!~

JustTryigToLife Mar 15th, 2019


Yeehaw03 Mar 12th, 2019

you have snatched my fucking uwu's with the Rich route oh my god

Slushieboitm Mar 12th, 2019

I'm wondering if theres a good ending for rich...???

RavioliRaven Mar 11th, 2019

Up from like 10 to 3:25 fucking going insane trying to get the boyf riends ending and I'm fuckingjsjnskjs got the worse endingnmskk

Kalybeabiv Mar 9th, 2019

Ahhh it’s so good I’ve finally finished Micheal’s route and wow I love the way it ties in with everything and just ahh it’s so good

Kalybeabiv Mar 9th, 2019

Are all the love interests possible to obtain? Because either you can’t or I just suck at this game. Because I’ve spent almost five hours trying to get the Micheal good ending. Is it possible?

Kalybeabiv Mar 9th, 2019

OMG I love this it’s so well written and I’m slowly getting through all the plot lines

Kalybeabiv Mar 9th, 2019

I like the start but I don’t why it won’t let me past the bit in the bedroom I can’t get to school or anything.

jerbear300 Mar 5th, 2019

very really good :)

GhostGays Mar 2nd, 2019

Michael: That's your gay panic look.
Me: - chOK E S -

claytonwilhorn Feb 28th, 2019

windows 10 pls

MyChemicalAnxiety Feb 23rd, 2019

I kept tryna do Rich's route and kept funkin it up qwq

Kewlfandomtrash Feb 22nd, 2019

Christine is best girl

SmolTheDestroyer Feb 22nd, 2019

I was able to make it to the part when you take Brooke home after the All Inclusive Party, then the screen frlze and only showed Jeremy and Squip, not only that, Brooke overlapped Squip on the screen.

AbsolutelyGoddamnedNot Feb 20th, 2019

the best part of the credits is the monty python reference

brookieCookie Feb 18th, 2019

hi just wanted to know if this game works on windows 10

LevelEnderGirl Feb 17th, 2019

I love the art stile of this game! I believe it works really well and doesn't brake character! I was really exited to play this game and it really blew me away!

RoyalHeartless Feb 16th, 2019

Just did Michaels route twice. First time i got the bad ending then i went through... fixed my many mistakes and got the good ending.
I will say the save and load feature is very buggy at times though.

Other than that it was amazing, and I’m gonna try to get both endings.

zetnasilver Feb 14th, 2019

I finished the Brooke route and the first time I did it I screwed up and things "took a turn for the worse" and I genuinely felt awful so I wanted to redeem myself and do it right, and when I did, it felt amazing. Fantastic game!

AxelJem Feb 13th, 2019

i just finished the Rich route and cried, this was so well written. good job

WinterConure Feb 13th, 2019

A bit buggy, but never less extremely Fun, addicting, and amazing!!

SomeoneAtSomewhere Feb 9th, 2019


Sonya Feb 6th, 2019

Wonderful game!!!