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Asian Maiden Creator Female

Asian Maiden Creator   Female

by Sonya, KUMA

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Released Fri Nov 03 2017

by Sonya, KUMA

Personal Non-commercial Commercial
A female Asian themed dress up game. Coming soon to Steam!
Trouble playing online? Download the game on Steam:


Loxndolly Nov 25th, 2022

Hey, I overread a few messages and some people got permission to use their creations in a visual novel? I was wondering if I could have permission to use some of my creations for a test run as I'm still new to this entire app.

lilly Sep 1st, 2022

can i use it for a novel

marieClaire Jun 14th, 2022

Thanks for the game! <3 I am using it as my avatar!

galaxygal123 Mar 16th, 2022

I love your art! Could I use your Japanese avatar creators to make characters for a comic? I will definitely credit you for your lovely work. If I have to pay, I'm afraid I don't have any money to do so...

aoki07 Mar 4th, 2022

i made dialogue sprites out of them

SanaWyknight Aug 24th, 2021

This was fun (mine's the one with white hair, blue and purple cloths and the purple flowers hanging on a ribbon)

DokiDokiNovelz Jun 29th, 2021

I like it

HarrisonTOS Apr 26th, 2021

Asian what now

DekuxRoslyn Mar 19th, 2021

I love it so much! The style is so beautiful. I wish I could draw like that. :3

AriaoftheObjects Feb 28th, 2021

How do I save it?
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