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Skights   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

Skights   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

by Sonya

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Released Thu Mar 19 2015

by Sonya
1146 Subscribers

Once upon a time, in the land of Sugaria, a princess was born in the Cherry Kingdom. When she was a child, the princess fell ill and was said to die. On her dying day, the young princess made one last wish, "oh how I could have grown into a woman," and in a flash of light, three fairies appeared before her.
These three fairies gave the princess three golden seeds to plant in the east, the south, and the west and thus the princess began her quest. As the princess planted the first two seeds, she soon grew skeptical. What could these little seeds possibly do? And so, thinking she could outsmart the three fairies, she swallowed the last golden seed, and left the east before she could fulfill her last promise. Angry for what she had done, the last fairy put a curse on the princess, that was said to last for a thousand years....


missfuzzy Dec 1st, 2020

I am so curious as to how this magnificent story will continue and end...

Byssa6 Jul 3rd, 2020

sam is my fav protag

2323gh Jun 9th, 2020

Hi! I do not know if you'll see this but here goes. I used to play Skights a really long time ago as a young child, and it was honestly a huge part of my childhood. The story, characters, and the beautiful graphics all really enthralled me, and I was super excited every time a new episode came out. As a child, this brought all of my fairytale dreams to life! I genuinely loved and enjoyed this game, and I really wanted to thank you for creating this. Even after I stopped playing and forgot about it, the images you made for the game had such an impact on me that I would think about them from time to time over the years. Now that I´m older, I did some digging and by chance happened to stumble upon the game again and rediscovered how much I truly loved it. The world building, storytelling, and characterization are all really well done when I review it now, and I haven't stopped enjoying the story you created one bit. I also wanted to thank you for creating a MC that looked like me, with brown skin- that made the story even more meaningful to me, having a protagonist I could imagine myself as was really a huge part of why I loved it so much. As a little girl of color, it wasnt every day that I saw a beautiful cartoon character who looked just like me, and I thank you for giving me that. Cassandra was and still is everything I want to be, and thank you for bringing her to life. I used to play Skights on Joilly, and i am so happy to see what CloudNovel has become since then! The story, art, characters, music- everything about this VN is perfect, and shaped my life profoundly. I replayed the game, and I am sad to see its on hiatus, but I hope one day my all-time favorite story will come to an end. When I played it just now, I felt a strong sense of nostalgia and belonging, so strong I felt I was going to cry. I felt the same emotions as I once did many years ago, as Skights swept me away to a different world, one that I love. Unfortunately, I havent yet met anyone who still plays the game, but I will continue to remain on CloudNovel as long as possible for when the game is finished. Once again thank you thank you thank you for creating this, I could never thank you enough.

theultimatebosslady May 29th, 2020

Hi can I use your textbox? I promise I'll credit you ^^

RiaRia Apr 25th, 2020

Hellow, I played Skights when I was younger and I loved it. I had been searching for it and now that I played it again I'm even more in love with the game. I'll be waiting for the next chapter <3

AnimeGenork Apr 18th, 2020

Ahhhh I really enjoyed replaying this after a few years ^w^ JACK AND SAM MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND

I have a couple story-related questions, if that's okay!
At the beginning of chapter 6, Jack and Sam are still on the island, but weren't they previously running toward a ship? :o Did they miss it or something?
Also, in chapter 6 when Jack meets Vanessa, she says she's been kidnapped, but the specific route I was playing in chapter 5 had her go willingly with Colin... did he kidnap her afterwards?
Sorry if this is a bother! I'm a writer by nature and need to figure things like this out xD

QueenAmethyst Feb 3rd, 2020

Hi Sonya! I love playing Skights since I was a child. It was an amazing story that I can't wait for the next episode every time I finished one. But earlier while I was playing, I am on the part of JACK and SAM. He noticed that Sam is leaving on the boat and then when I clicked next, it went blank. I thought that it is loading but it took to load forever. So I cannot continue the story. I hope this will be fixed soon. I really love your novels! Keep up the good work! ^_^

Monshiro Jan 5th, 2020

Amazing story! I remember first version of this novel when it was another site and how i was waiting for new part! Keep up the good work!

ssfluffykitty Dec 16th, 2019

Wtf Lysander.

justmirainee Aug 20th, 2019

Aaaah I love this! Nessie is my fave girl and I really don't know how her (love) story will unfold. I'm hoping it'll get done soon (but ofc take your time! we can wait!)
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