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Skights   Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

Skights   Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

by Sonya

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Released Thu Mar 19 2015

by Sonya

Adventure Romance Fantasy Drama Otome
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Once upon a time, in the land of Sugaria, a princess was born in the Cherry Kingdom. When she was a child, the princess fell ill and was said to die. On her dying day, the young princess made one last wish, "oh how I could have grown into a woman," and in a flash of light, three fairies appeared before her.


satuputra796 Mar 7th, 2023

I accidentally unsubscribed you but i love you!

missfuzzy Dec 1st, 2022

Wondering if there is an update about CloudRPG? I can not wait to see the ending of this story, I just re-read it for I think the 10th time and it stays magical <3

evensorrows Jan 25th, 2022

So far I really like the Colin and Cassandra route. He is so soft and gentlemanly to her. I ship it lol

Amypop8 Dec 9th, 2021

It's a shame to see the visual novel version of this game be discontinued. However, I can't wait to see how the story plays out in RPG form. Good luck Sonya and I wish you the best going forward!

angelcandy100 May 29th, 2021

Since this game is discontinued, can you please maybe make a wattpad story of what happens next? :( I've been dying to know for years and I love this game so much. Also when will the RPG game come out, and can you clarify what you mean by RPG?

hufflethepuff10 Apr 7th, 2021

I played through everything that is available right now, and I really enjoyed it. I was wondering if anyone knows when its going to continue/ be completed? From what I can tell, the last update was two years ago, and that usually means a project isn't going to continue, and I think that would really be a shame. If anyone has any information could they please tell me?

Kitsunethe1 Mar 30th, 2021

After the knighting, I finally understood what the skight meant-

Kitsunethe1 Mar 30th, 2021

I feel that Vanessa and Colin's friendship is kinda toxic, and that he should try and understand her more. What he's doing is not what a true friend or dare I say it, brother would act. He needs to up his game

RavenetteSenpai Feb 9th, 2021

Welp, I poisoned Prince Lysander. Whoops.

BonBon3000 Dec 27th, 2020

Can someone check out my visual novel, plz tell me what you think in the comments
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