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Umbrella Tree   Completed

Umbrella Tree   Completed

by Otometaku

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Released Mon Aug 31 2020

by Otometaku

Sci-fi Slice of Life Comedy Fantasy
In a world where everyone over 17 has access to private dream dimensions, a group of teens realizes that their dreams may not be totally their own. Stuck with each other for the rest of the summer or even for life, what choices will they make together?


dancinglama17 Dec 4th, 2023

Peter: Life's not a novel
me: actually your life is a visual novel

CATmetchu Sep 30th, 2020

I think I've discovered a bug in Chapter 1.5 during the mini game of "hot seat" with Noah. When I asked him what 3 words he'd use to describe himself he said the wrong answer.

ShotoNemar Sep 16th, 2020

such a cute story! I loved a lot of it.

Bunnyfan11 Sep 9th, 2020

That was awesome! The art and story are so cute. Thank you for making an amazing game!

pilotv007 Sep 7th, 2020

when June searched up dreaming random people and the answer came up as no lol ur probs high I died XD

izabellafaith Aug 31st, 2020

YOU DID IT OTOME! CONGRATS!!! Like I said before, this is really good and I'm glad I got the chance to help you with it. thank you for curing my boredom and providing a true chaotic gay with this wonderful VN <3<3<3

ReedFairyPetals Aug 30th, 2020

I freaking love it! I love the art style, the concept, the music, and writing, the faces, everything! Was definitely worth waiting for
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