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Café Rouge   Completed Girl pursues Boy

Café Rouge   Completed Girl pursues Boy

by Sonya, KUMA, DAX

1056 Subscribers
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65,630 Words
6 Dislikes
97 Favorites
Released Thu Oct 17 2019

by Sonya, KUMA, DAX
1056 Subscribers

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Karindegamaytyt Sep 18th, 2020

i like the whole bad boy look so Antoine was naturally my best choice but Valen's personality is so unique i love all of this at first it looked alright but now just wow

SpiderCookie Sep 16th, 2020

Me: it doesnt seem like the kind of thing that I'm interested in... but I'll give it a try... (5 hours later) can't... look... away...

Rayraysmall2 Sep 14th, 2020

oh wow why is Valen so H O T

epicramenlord Sep 8th, 2020

ePiC xD

redwriter117 Sep 1st, 2020

Who is "'that woman"? I have to know!!!

Icecreamscoop25 Aug 15th, 2020

What happens when the girl gets her period? Big o0f for her.

Princesssailormoon78 Aug 8th, 2020

i just finished antoine's route last night and i love it i'm now currently playing ron's route i hope there will be more route's coming because i'll be sad once i finish all the 2 routes

mewydaze Aug 2nd, 2020

thank God I finally got the good ending of Ron QAQ

livvysivvy Jul 15th, 2020

this game is so amazing I'm so glad I found it in 2012 and y'all remade it wow its so good... I just finished the good and bad ending for valen's route but I so confused.. does isis have a twin sister or what who is mrs.michaels? like there's so many loopholes H- but other than that this game is just great thank you Sonya

NorwichBunny Jul 14th, 2020

Valen's Good Ending:
1 Kick Valen----2 Succumb to the darkness----3 Text him back----4 Yes, hang out with him---5 Say you're unsure----6 leave the kitchen---7 Tell him the truth----8 Decline and go home---9 Front lobby----10 Visit----11 Tell him Mrs,Michaels is back----12 Confront them ----13 Stay Overnight---14 Help Aldo---15 Get oil----16 Find Chris---17 Come over---18 Hide Valen under your bed covers----19 Inspect body area----20 Visit Chris's bar---21 Snoop around---22 Call Valen----23 Call back and leave voicemail----24 Tell him to run----25 Bite Chris----26 Run into the kitchen---27 Leave the knife (End 'ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN)
________BY Norwich Bunny
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