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Café Rouge   Completed Girl pursues Boy

Café Rouge   Completed Girl pursues Boy

by Sonya, KUMA, DAX

977 Subscribers
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Released Thu Oct 17 2019

by Sonya, KUMA, DAX
977 Subscribers

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AnimeGenork Jul 11th, 2020

Ahhhh finally got to play the entire game! (I did an oops and got Val's bad ending at first, but then replayed using a guide and got the good one, so yay!)

[Warning: Spoilers/References to Comments on Other Sites]
I'm really glad some things have been changed/clarified, even if we don't get to see the full resolution of why they were changed. Of course, an ending such as what we see in the good endings (I can only vaguely assume we get the similar "reflection" nightmare in all of them) gets my brain all fuzzy, so I hope, in the sequel you've got cooking, we'll have some more clarification. Or maybe I'll just have to read everything over and over again until I feel less stupid. XD [Like, seriously, are they both vampires?? Is the real Isis referred to by the parents just... a vampire, too? But why?? And what does our Isis/Lizzy have to do with that situation? AHHHH!!!!]

I've always liked how there are so many different sides to be had in this. I replayed the originals a few months ago and was blown away by the fuzzy line between right and wrong, which is especially dependent on which route you're on. I can't way to see how the routes you'll add later play into this as well, as it's very indicative of how broadly different the world is depending on who you are and how you choose to live your life. [Also wanted to add that I'm glad there's an Arlo route incoming because I want to hug him and protect him at all costs]

I guess my only true criticism (other than agreeing with some parts of the reviews I saw on Steam) is Isis's reaction to Mrs. Michaels saying "oh your parents are gone." She's totally fine with it, and I'm hoping that's some mind control thing on the part of Mrs. Michaels, because having Isis just be okay with something shady like that kinda overshadows some bits of the romance with Valen. I love Valen, don't get me wrong, but oh man, does that scene give me some creepy vibes. I hope the sequel explains some more lore and such so that Valen isn't done dirty. I'd hate to see such a cute boy be ruined by his shady mother DX Other than some grammar things, I did love reading this all again, though! Some of the explanations, I think, were cleaned up in a way that helped my understanding of the world, and I can't wait to see how Antoine and Ron's lives play out.

Keep up the good work, Sonya! <3

otomefreak Jul 8th, 2020

oh my god, i just got a bad ending twice! and that ending is... my laptop crashed. twice. gotta play it all over again from the start nice

Lunar442 Jul 7th, 2020

Oh my god, after numerous tries, I finally managed to saved Ron from dying.

DarknessRaven Jul 7th, 2020

I really like the storyline and art designs. The only problem is that my computer sometimes crashes and it costs 100 points to save it so I can't even get to the end. Other than that I really like it.

minus44 Jul 5th, 2020

Very nice plot may i just say *clears throat* Antoine be lookin fine like wine but the others are also purely divine.😏

FreelyAdequate Jul 5th, 2020

Can't wait to play the game! Aren't you able to romance Chris in this one? I think I saw that on the kickstarter but I'm not sure! Even if not I'm still hella excited to play!!!

Byssa6 Jul 3rd, 2020

I called myself aku no musume.

vocaloid fans will get the joke.

AsrielDreemurr2232 Jul 3rd, 2020

did any one get the good ending with Valen? If you did, please tell me how?

AsrielDreemurr2232 Jul 3rd, 2020

I got the common death ending.

kenziechu Jul 2nd, 2020

does anyone have a walkthrough for this? i've spent hours and got nothing but bad endings, for both valen and antoine (at this point i'm too exhausted to try for ron) and even when i use a walkthrough for the original i still can't get a good ending. help ?????
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