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Café Rouge   Completed Girl pursues Boy

Café Rouge   Completed Girl pursues Boy

by Sonya, KUMA, DAX

1,352 Subscribers
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Released Thu Oct 17 2019

by Sonya, KUMA, DAX
1,352 Subscribers

Trouble playing online? No problem, download the game here -


FakeMacaroni Jul 26th, 2021

Say XX if you are a girl playing this game
Say XY if you are a guy playing this game
I want to know the percentages pls

FakeMacaroni Jul 26th, 2021

I just realized something, if her parents are in debt, why were they playing chess?

FakeMacaroni Jul 26th, 2021

Have you watched 'My Babysitter's a Vampire'? When they put pencils inside nerf darts
Me: I'm locked and loaded

FakeMacaroni Jul 25th, 2021

I'm sorry for nicknaming Ron Davidson 'Won-Won'

FakeMacaroni Jul 25th, 2021

When u die because you're bad at romance b/c you're a guy viewing through a girls POV

Crystal Jul 14th, 2021

Died twice trying to get Valen's ending, finally got the "Good Enging - All According To Plan" it makes me wonder what the other ending names are

453907 Jun 26th, 2021

i died too

KZIrina Jun 16th, 2021

Love this game!! But, how do you hide text? I know you can do it in the steam version but idk if it's possible here.

Anooblmao Jun 15th, 2021

The game is good, however, I find it annoying when I try to save because it costs me 100 points, how do I earn them without buying them?

KzwMiwa Jun 4th, 2021

My god, I'm so happy to find this again! I played it a couple times years ago at newgrounds, I loved the music, the story, everything ~ Got the bad ending twice trying to follow Valen's route, so I played a third time trying Ron's route and felt like crying sometimes ;-; Amazing work ~*
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