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Café Rouge   Completed Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

Café Rouge   Completed Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

by Sonya, KUMA, DAX

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Released Thu Oct 17 2019

by Sonya, KUMA, DAX
1,505 Subscribers



GrimesDoALittleTrolling Jul 14th, 2022

really great game, sonya! hehehe!
i love the trope of a 16 year old dating their teacher! it's so realistic and definitely not a romanticization of p*dophilia!
and it gets better when antoine is implied to have a family history of sl*ve owners!
okay, okay. fine. i get you're conservative, but there's really no need to make this game so political. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘 i rate it 1/10! 1 point for the beautiful artwork that you don't own. the story is crap though🤓🤓 L + RATIOOOO

Grimes781 Jul 6th, 2022

vampires are a different species, and are not human

Grimes247 Apr 28th, 2022

Isis is too sexy to diiiiieeee

Grimes247 Apr 28th, 2022

thats my q

Grimes247 Apr 28th, 2022

somehow i managed to get a good ending where everyone i love dies so why is it good****

FryingPAN Mar 27th, 2022

Anyone tell me how to get Diane romantic ending? Please?

PeachAlmond Mar 2nd, 2022

I died twice but once for Antoine and once for Valen xD

marililies Feb 14th, 2022

other than the fact that the mc is a minor and the rest of the characters (other than valen and possibly errol?) are hinted at being adults, I really love the characters and storyline ^_^ i just hope the mcs age will be updated to be 18 along will valen, so things wont seem really awkward/weird while i play because this is such a great game : ,^)

Rayleana Jan 11th, 2022

I got Antoine happy ending
finally I know who is Isis and lizzy

no2432010 Dec 14th, 2021

how do you go back-
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