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High School Otome   Completed Girl pursues Boy

High School Otome   Completed Girl pursues Boy

by Sonya, KUMA, hyesunxoxo

1010 Subscribers
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84,222 Words
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Released Wed May 06 2015

by Sonya, KUMA, hyesunxoxo
1010 Subscribers

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rosewaterfairy Jun 25th, 2020

That was a good game.
After doing all four guys, I think Isaac's my favourite.

ccottongloves Jun 22nd, 2020

i hate mike , why is he so - ?

Aalaiya May 21st, 2020

Don't like the Grandma, but that was probably intentional, wasn't it?

safirinhaaa May 21st, 2020

I finally got the 4 romantic endings, and lemme tell you, Jared, Mike and Tom endings were so easy, but I fought so hard to get Isaac's, girl, I almost gave up lol, fortunately after 8 attempts, good overcame evil.
It still hurts when I think that every time I have a happy ending, the other 3 boys are still in a bad situation, but Jared happily has wonderful parents.
I found it interesting how in the Jared route there were pieces of Mike and Tom's route, very cool.
My favorite without a doubt was Jared, he's so sweet, my second is Isaac, he's cute, I want to protect him from everything, my third was Tom, he's silly, but has a certain charm, and I love his sense of humor, the fourth is Mike, I sympathize with him, respect for everything he's been through, and I'm happy for his dedication towards mc and his father, though he did those things, he's a golden boy.

Irohana May 21st, 2020

I got the Tom Romance Ending!
Loved this game
and i love tom

Aoife0605 Apr 23rd, 2020

So of course i LOVE Isaac (i've been fangirling over him non-stop since i got to know this game) and the game overall. though i kinda would have liked u know an "dump mike spectacularly in front of the whole school " option but thanks

Also i wanted to ask whats the deal with the original demo ? i almost started jumping when i got to know that i can have more isaac scenes but like does it end after the P.E. class? really ?

can i please shamelessly ask for more Issac scenes
if possible of course
are there any similar characters in any of ur other stories?
great job though

itspenelope0813 Apr 21st, 2020

hey, ik this has nothing to do with this amazing game but how do you get characters in shape and no like, picture box around it?

itspenelope0813 Apr 21st, 2020

"Dayyum' lmaooooooo

AnimeGenork Apr 20th, 2020

*cue Tamaki in the corner*
Just like all my relationships with guys in high school... I got the friendship end

AnimeGenork Apr 20th, 2020

I think the fact that I went for Tom first says a lot about me :')
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