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Welcome to: Mortem Circus   R-18 Completed

Welcome to: Mortem Circus   R-18 Completed

by darklexy

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8,864 Words
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Released Wed Apr 20 2022

by darklexy
4 Subscribers

When an internet urban legend goes wrong, you and your friend Jay find yourselves in a carnival in Hell, Mortem Circus. Encounter demons, reapers, and killer clowns while you try to escape, but don't forget who you are. It's harder than it seems.


rebelli8fri Jul 15th, 2022

Hello there!!
This is a really epic story to the point where I'm obsessed with it!
My favorite character out of all of this is Than, he's really nice, and dare I say, hot ngl
Overall, 10000000000000/10, please keep your great work up! 🍾

N3UROTIC Jul 2nd, 2022

My favorite part was where the twins were on the clown thing. The art was very nice,mmm, art