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2spooky4u   Completed Boy pursues Boy

2spooky4u   Completed Boy pursues Boy

by feelingpeachyy

10 Subscribers
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Released Mon Oct 19 2020

by feelingpeachyy
10 Subscribers

#halloween#spooky#ghost#spooky jam
[ • 👻 spooky jam entry 👻 • ]
A lonely boy's halloween night changes when he hears a thump from the attic.


JohnnyOmaha Nov 9th, 2020

Always love low-fi music! Interesting story and creative custom UI!

ShotoNemar Nov 5th, 2020

Such a cute Visual Novel, the art was so adorable every step of the way. I will admit I think it would have been better if I could have seen the main character from the beginning so I had an idea of what they looked like. The music fit so well and the story grabbed my heart.

Kazuna Nov 2nd, 2020

I'm glad they got a good ending.... cute game

Kazuna Oct 26th, 2020

AAAAAAAAAA I love the story!! So cute! Can't wait to know more about HM, he is so sweet <3

oneinamillion Oct 19th, 2020

EEEEEE i love the background drawing soo much