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Girl pursues Girl

48 Visual Novels
A romantic relationship between girls. Play as female to pursue one or more female love interest.
48 Visual Novels
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Café Rouge  Completed Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl
Isis, your average American teenager, happens upon a part time job opening at Café Rouge. During the day, it is a normal, quaint café and bakery. But when night takes over, it is transformed into a five star restaurant-theater-café, with live stage performances and mysterious customers arriving in the middle of the night.

As Isis delves deeper into this strange café, she becomes entangled in the mystery of its’ haunted world. Will she find friends, or enemies? Will she follow fate or make her own destiny? Will she find love?

That is for you to decide.

Trouble playing online? No problem, download the game here -
2019 Kickstarter:

Support the development of Cafe Rouge on my Patreon:

Play the original 2012 flash game here:
Fnia The Ultimate Night's  Hiatus Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl
by hoot
SM will get released when i get the time to make it and it will be way more complex then this is so it may take awhile to get up but once i do it will be out
Five Nights In Manga (FNiA Genderbend) V.1.0.1 Alpha Demo 1 UPDATE!!  Mature 17 Hiatus Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl
A mysterious package appears in the Freddy's anime Convention.

the package sent by the company gives the girls a new type of brand called: "Anime Boy's" where they will have a new location for themselves in the future.

Can you conquer these Anime Boys or continue your love for your beloved girls.


This game needs to be played with a powerfull device since it contains may assets and animation. if have trouble loading, it must the device or the internet connection not powerfull enought.

this game is a demo and it was remade in this month (December 2019). so all the things you see here, (might chance) will not be the final version of the game.

And contains:

Sexual reference, Contains yaoi ( Yuri at the moment), Grammatic errors, Plot Holes and soo on.

if you want more updates of the game here the link of Discord server:

||Update: The Discord Server is closed. it will reopen when the game is fixed or released. it is not certain if it will be continued.||


The Fnia Concept created by @Mairusu Paua

Fnaf in General @Scott Cawthon

i claimed to created the idea and the characters (male ones).

THE BACKGROUND OF FNIA are created by @Mairusu Paua with given permission to be used.

This is an Alternative universe Where All the Girls of Fnia and The boys of Fnim are together. and also a continuation of an Dead NSFW Project Called: Night with the Galrs.
No Boys Allowed  R-18 Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl
A game I made a few months ago but never published since i'm remaking it! enjoy!

Edit: I am currently remaking this! The art is much better and the writing isn't as short/awful jajaja. Should be up in a little while (on,) I'll update when it's done!
Forbidden Love  R-18 Hiatus Girl pursues Girl
* UPDATE 12/25/16 ( 25/12/16 if you do date first ) *
Merry Christmas! This will be the last update for 2016! Anyways, a new cover screen and main menu screen!

* UPDATE 11/26/16 ( 26/11/16 if you do date first ) *
Some additions to when Jeannete and her family gets reunited, added some additions to the other route of L and J's, and added some additions to when Jeannete gets home after that chase.

* UPDATE 11/25/16 ( 25/11/16 if you do date first ) *
Added the credits at the near end of the description, plus I made one route of ' Inside L and J's ' and another is in the works.

* UPDATE 11/19/16 ( 19/11/16 if you do date first ) *
Realized the first scene isn't on the menu screen, so I fixed that.

* UPDATE 11/18/16 ( 18/11/16 if you do date first ) *
Wow, it's been three months ( Well, two, but still ) Life has been treating me and my helpers with so much stuff to do! Anyways, I reread a critique that one of them sent me like right when they came in, and I gotten a fix up idea, mainly for ' The Hallway ' for the both of them, also added a choice for Jely's view.

* UPDATE 7/27/16 ( 27/7/16 if you do date first ) *
Lavandulalilium36 edited some lines. All's I'm going to say. :) Oh yes! I am about to finish drawing a ' special moment ' for Jeannete's view, but I can't do that installment until I get onto my mom's chromebook, but you can view it on my dA :) Also, she ( sorry if I got the pronouns wrong ) is working on editing some lines, so expect that in the next update :)

* UPDATE 7/23/16 ( 23/7/16 if you do date first ) *
This act will be temporary, but I removed the textbox. I think it fixes the problem of barely reading the text. :) Also, Lavandulalilium36 edited a bit in two scenes, I'm not sure what two, but I want it to be a surprise for both you viewers and me XD

* UPDATE 7/7/16 *
Did the color characters if you get what I'm saying. Just to add a bit of variety to one of the colors to get the idea of what some character's colors are like :)

* UPDATE 7/2/16 ( 2/7/16 if you do date first ) *
Completed the first choices of the run. If you made either choice that isn't the taking off the amulet three times choice, they'll go into either ' another home ' or ' Inside L and J's ' there the coming soon scenes, once those two are done, a bad end is going to come. Plus, added a character that you'll learn more about later in the story, and the vampire version of Jeannete, what you all maybe wanted to see. Here you go. :) Oh yeah! I added another temporary scene which may or may not solve the length before you get to the actual story problem. Noone gave me feedback on that, but it kinda annoyed me. I know I should be focusing on the planned updates, but so that way, I don't always have to rely on ' Preview ' and when others don't have to click so fast if this isn't their first time viewing this. So just an added feature that will be temporary, once I'm done, I'll remove all the things that are temporary, so sorry if the final thing will be extremely long, but hopefully, it's work it!

* UPDATE 6/30/16 ( 30/6/16 if you do date first ) *
End-of-month update! Actually finished the correct placements of sprites, and I managed to figure out how to have Jeannete behind Jely one scene and in front of her the next. I simply put in two versions, one behind, one in front. Somehow, I didn't get confused XD

Anyways, I credit humiliationexpedition on here, Suganax on dA for all the sprites.

* UPDATE 6/27/16 ( 27/6/16 if you do date first ) *
Replaced and implemented sprites. Sprite art wasn't done by me, instead, it's by humiliationexpedition on here, Suganax on dA.

* UPDATE 6/23/16 ( 23/6/16 if you do date first ) *
New update schedule: Update at least twice a month. I noticed between the first ever update and this one, all the past months had been updated at least twice ( May had a whole lot of them ) so twice a month at least. Anyways, remember that one choose your view scene? Well, I edited the des for what to expect in both views because the des for the both of them were both unthought of and cringe worthy, so I edited them, it's not so much Jely's des, though I might as well edit her's, but it's more for Jeannete's des. The cringe for her's are real. So I fixed the both of them, unfortunately, I had to remove the 4th wall breaking, not another 4th wall fixed :( but I guess it's better to have thought but not so much humor than humor, but little to no thought at all, and plus, nearly nowhere do the 4th wall breaking fits anywhere in the plot, so it works I guess...

News on the poll: I still don't have results, but I said until the end of June, and it's approaching that deadline for it, so here's the poll link:">

If I don't get the results since I said that I'll change the storyline if I don't, then expect the next update to be a bit... inappropriate and sensitive...

Edited the lines for the updates. Stupid tablet -.-

* UPDATE 6/3/16 ( 3/6/16 if you do date first ) *
Have a updated hallway background, I got permission from the creator of the background. Background is made by Moosader on deviantART. Yeah. No ideas so far, so I'm going to be working on ' Emotionally Broken ' for now. I changed the sound for ' Jeannete's nightmare ' to something more fitting. The sound effect is made by EricMatyas on both CloudNovel and Sound Image, the website is here:

* UPDATE 5/29/16 ( 29/5/16 if you do date first ) *
OH MY ******* GOD! FINALLY DONE WITH THE CONVERSATIONAL BAD END! The reason why I am calling it the conversational is because I have a planned bad end where there is a cutsceen, but if I get the poll results where they don't want me to change the storyline then I won't. Anyways, updated the choice for the first ever bad end because in nearly all the games/visual novel where there is a bad end, they always take you back to the menu screen, so I thought I'd be a bit unoriginal and add that option to go back to the main menu >:3. Plus, made the name of the viewer in each bad end conversation a actual character XD The good thing is my end of the school year is near, so I'll be in summer vacation, yaay! Yay for the hot weather! Yay for maybe me going to summer jam! Yay!

* UPDATE 5/28/16 ( 28/5/16 if you do date first ) *
Sorry for the lack of updates, anyways, finished dinner in Jeannete's view, *cough*Withanotherbadending*cough* So yeah, I'm going to work on the dialogue for the bad end. And then, I ran out of ideas so far.

* UPDATE 5/21/16 ( 21/5/16 if you do date first ) *
Another preview for Dinner in Jeannete's view. I forgot to mention that in the last update, but whatever. Somehow, I have more ideas for Jeannete's view than Jely's view. Also, got the more proper play button there, so that way, rather than the button covering nearly the entire screen, the screen is more shown now. Last update for tonight my time is some of ' on the run ' is done. But now, I want opinions. I plan to have another bad ending in Jeannete's view ( If you want to spoil yourselves, than PM me if you want to find out the ending, plus it's a bit sensitive, so beware ) and I plan to feature a character that I planned to be featured soon, so, the character is Jely's dad. He ***** Jely's biological mom, so, I originally planned to have him arrested. And I wasn't too sure on how you guys would want it, so I created another straw poll.

Straw poll link:

So yeah. Going to work on Dinner in Jeannete's view until I get results, and if I don't get results by the end of June, then, by default, I will change it.

* UPDATE 5/20/16 ( 20/5/16 if you do date first ) *
FOUND A WAY TO MAKE BOTH JEANNETE AND JELY CRASH INTO EACH OTHER WITHOUT. NEEDING. TO. CREATE. A. TOTALLY. DIFFERENT SPRITE!!!!!! Anyways, I sorta need like a ' special scene ' picture where it's like an important event. Now I going to ATTEMPT to delete my post from the ' support ' page and then, go to bed :) Anyways, added some sprites in Jeannete's view. I need Hector sprites and the teacher sprite in order for me to start implementing sprites in the classrooms, and plus, I also need to have councilor's sprite. Yeah, I have a LOT of character designs to do :). And I also need to do both families, so, yeah, my life is a mess right now. At least I can sorta do it on my own in August if my grandma has enough money to buy me a computer. So, look forwards to that. :)

* UPDATE 5/15/16 ( 15/5/16 if you do date first ) *
HOPEFULLY, the cover works :) and a main menu now! But, the play isn't really professional quality, so, unless I can get someone to make a miniature and more professional ' Play ' you will sorta need to wait until MAYBE August for a fixed play button. Just noticed and fixed a bug where not clicking the ' play ' button will automatically go to intro. Added a faded white textbox. Thank you iluminu for allowing everyone to use this. However, on certain texts, my text is way off the textbox limits, so maybe extend the textboxes. Plus, FINALLY added backgrounds and a tiny bit of sprites. Not too much though. Thank you background creators for letting the users use them. :)

* UPDATE 5/14/16 ( 14/5/16 if you do date first ) *
Finished with ' Awoken ' but I realized that I need ANOTHER Jeannete's nightmare and ANOTHER Awoken in order to keep both the main storyline and the side storyline flowing. I'll do that later I think, and then, oh yes, by the way, L and J's Diner is a reference to a place where I live called ' J and J's Diner ' I had no other name to think of other than ' McDanny ' which is a reference to McDalod or some name like that or ' Hotdog King ' which is a reference to Burger King. And what I meant by the 110 degrees thing is that it's the usual temperature in the summer, not year round. And I just realized that the ' Awoken ' has the first Jeannete's view choices since I finished Jeannete's lunch. I just realized that I actually did not do the page number for the ' Run out ' choice XD Stupid me

* UPDATE 5/13/16 ( 13/5/16 if you do date first ) *
I seriously couldn't think of anything for Jely's view, so to cover that up, Yandere!Jeannete makes an appearance again! It kinda spoils an idea I have for an ending, but, I won't go into too much detail. That means that maybe sometime tomorrow or Sunday, I'm going to complete the ' Awoken ' scene, and then, I practically ran out of ideas, so after the next update, I need ideas, so that means no updates after the next for a little while. So yeah... Sorry for unfortunate news, it's just, school, the good thing is that summer vacation is near, the bad thing is that I may or may not go to a summer jam, which will take away my ideas and will make me focus more on the hot weather because where I am, it can reach like 110 or somewhere like that degrees, and I HATE the hot weather, so yeah.

* UPDATE 5/8/16 ( 8/5/16 if you do date first ) *
Added music, a demo of Jely's view of home if you don't get into trouble, and this is the last update, why? Check my newest dA journal as to why.
Music by:

* UPDATE 5/5/16 *
Finished with Jeannete's nightmare. I need ideas of what happens if Jely gets home, but not be in trouble. Either that or I'm too lazy.

* UPDATE 5/4/16 ( 4/5/16 if you do date first ) *
Screw going to bed for no reason. I'm going to bed once I need to charge my tablet :) Anyways, finished with Jely's home if you do talk back.

* UPDATE 5/3/16 ( 3/5/16 if you do date first ) *
I'm sorry going to school today because my grandma is too lazy to walk me and she doesn't trust me being by myself, so might as well use it to my advantage, right? Anyways, a demo of Jely's view of her home. In the next update, I'll either work on if she doesn't get into trouble or continue working on Jeannete's nightmare, and yes, in Jeannete's view, she has a nightmare, so a demo of that to. :)

* UPDATE 5/1/16 ( 1/5/16 if you do date first ) *
Copied the bus scene on Jely's view, this one is for the talk back choice. I'm positive that I'm either going to add the two characters that I talked about like an update or two ago or add another scene in Jeannete's view. I might create a straw pool for this one.

* UPDATE 4/26/16 ( 26/4/16 if you do date first ) *
This is temporary, but in Jely's view, added a Testing thing, so yeah, also, put up another straw poll ( ) Sorry, not the exact update that I WAS planning, but better than nothing right?

* UPDATE 4/25/16 ( 25/4/16 if you do date first ) *
Alright, I know I said that my update schedule will either be on evey weekend or every three days, but I'm still not sure the update schedule, so for now, this will be updated on a random day because remember, I have school, which means homework, so yeah. Anyways, for Jely's view, I made a quick other scene which is like, Jely's way of getting home. This scene works for both paths, which is the talk back path and the keep quiet path, so I gotta find a way to make that happen without creating another one which is exactly like that, otherwise, I'll have to create ANOTHER straw poll to see rather you guys want me to create another scene just like that one or remove the entire scene together. But that's a last resort plan, so this will not happen IF I find a way. And plus, I presented not one, but TWO new characters, and I'll probably present two MORE in the next update.

* UPDATE 4/24/16 ( 24/4/16 if you do date first *
Finished the second version of Jeannete's home. It's shorter then the storyline version, but that was because I was lazy :) Also, added some of the Jely's trust and Jeannete's Sanity in

* UPDATE 4/16/16 ( 16/4/16 if you do date first ) *
More of the demo of, you know what. Also, added some background info that I didn't mention in the kind of the main storyline ( Which is doing nearly everything with Jely ) So yeah... I think my update schedule is either every weekend, or every three days that I update this.

* UPDATE 4/13/16 ( 13/4/16 if you do date first ) *
More of the demo for Jeannete's view of home if you don't get into a fight with Kenna. Also removed the 4th wall breaking at that scene, sorry ):... But! I plan that after I finished with all of the endings, all the choices, and all the sprites and stuff like that that, that I'm going to add what I call ' Bloopers ' which is basically 4th wall breaking things, so if I can remember what I typed in that, then I can added that to the bloopers, so look forward to that :)

* UPDATE 4/12/16 ( 12/4/16 if you do date first ) *
Demo of Jeannete's home if you don't get into a fight with Kenna. Also added 4th wall breaking XD ( I seriously need to update this and let my tablet charge, it's at 13% now! )

* UPDATE 4/9/16 ( 9/4/16 if you do date first ) *
Finished Jely's view of lunch time. Now, I have to do all of the side story choices for the hallway and the counculer's, then I'll do Jeannete's view of home, and if I don't get the poll results in, then Jely's step-parent is a female okay? Okay. Also added a bit of a summary in the bottom of all of the past updates. And plus, finished all of the side story line choices for all of Jely's view, and the one * N/A yet * choices for Jeannete's view, all I need to do now is to finish the rest of the choices for Jeannete's view, then expect Jeannete's view of home to be in a work in progress for choices if there can be any, then home if you didn't choose to talk back or get into a fight with Kenna. FINISHED.WITH.THE.CHOICES.FOR.COUNCULER'S.IN.JEANNETE'S.VIEW!!!!! Finally, *cough**cough*Andyoualsogetabadendingifyoudocertainchoices*cough**cough* Also noticed that I didn't make the Apologize choice go into it's proper ending page, even though both choices goes to the same ending page. I really AM an idiot. I forgot to remove the N/A yet on the starting into space option on Jeannete's view of the counculer's. I'm really AM an idiot. Sorry for such HUGE updates in one day, and an additional update at 11:06 PM my time, finished Jeannete's view of home, all I need is to think up of a snerio ( I'm sorry I can't spell right now ) for when she doesn't have a fight with Kenna

* UPDATE 4/8/16 ( 8/4/16 if you do date first ) *
Demo of Jely's view of lunch

* UPDATE 4/6/16 ( 6/4/16 if you do date first )
Finished with Jeannete's view of lunch. Now, I need time to work on Jely's view, then all of the side choices in the hallway, and Councillor's, then I SHOULD be ready to work on homes in Jeannete and Jely's view, working on Jeannete's view first, then by then, I SHOULD get the poll results for what gender Jely's step-parent is.

* UPDATE 4/3/16 ( 3/4/16 if you do date first ) *
FINALLY! I fixed the fact that the ' Keep Quiet ' path gone to the wrong scene. The only way for that to happen is to repeat some of the ' Talk back ' dialogue into the ' Keep Quiet ' dialogue. Hopefully it worked, because since I found out about this problem, I tried two times to fix it, so hopefully, no one can ever encounter this problem again :) .

* UPDATE 4/2/16 ( 2/4/16 if you do date first )*
Finished the main story line for Jely's view for the counculer's, which means I need a poll, why? Well, Jely's mom was ***** ( Censored due to sensitive material ) and Jely's mom is bisexual, so I created a straw poll for you guys to decide what gender Jely's step-parent should be. Anyways, and I added a scene where you chose rather you want to see how you can help or not. Here is the straw poll:, I'll also post a status update for my dA watchers to decide ( Yes I have a dA )
*Cough* IhopethatCloudNovelcansupportsuchahudgeupdate *cough*

* UPDATE 3/27/16 ( 27/3/16 if you do date first )*
EASTER UPDATE! Anyways, kind of finished the main storyline for when both are in the counculer's in Jeannete's view. And sort of new sceen. Next, I'll be working on Jely's view of the conculer's, and then, lunch time with one of them getting in trouble. And finally, more story choices which will affect the sanity of Jeannete and the trust of Jely. ( Hopefully, Cloud Novel will allow such a hudge update and planning pharagrah ) and I fixed the date, this year, Easter is on the 27th, not the 29th XD

* UPDATE 3/18/16 ( 18/3/16 if you do date first )*
Cloud novel is not cooperating with me. Anyways, new cover, and a preview of Jeannete's view of the councilor's

* UPDATE 2/20/16 ( 20/2/16 if you do date first )*
Added a new character, made a ' Jely's Trust ' and ' Jeannete's Sanity ', and made the ' Talk back ' choice go to the proper page ( Man, out of all of the scenes, class in Jely's view was the hardest for me XD )

* UPDATE 2/19/16 ( 19/2/16 if you do date first ) *
Made the ' Talk Back ' choice go to it's proper page

* UPDATE 2/18/16 ( 18/2/16 if you do date first ) *
Added Choices, removed most of the * N/A Yet *, make the ' Keep Quiet ' choice go to it's proper page, made the ' Keep Quiet ' path go to it's proper scene and added a voluenteer sence

* UPDATE 2/12/16 ( 12/2/16 if you do date first ) *
Added ' The Hallway ' in both of their views, plus fixed some spelling mistakes
Now even though at first glance this isn't Yuri, it does contain SOME elements of Yuri. Warning: Even though it's censored, it dose include some strong language and sensitive material.
Forbidden Love is about two girls, Jely and Jeannete, who are facing everyday school problems, for an example, bullies, but, one of them has a secret and doesn't want the other to find out until way later, when they both know each other so well, that it'll surprise the other. You, the viewer, can control the story, and how much they love each other rather in a friendship way, or in a lover way.

If you want to volunteer to put sprites, then here is my dA gallery:
Curious Katie  R-18 Completed Girl pursues Girl
Katie is attending high school as a freshman. She meets three wonderful girls: Olivia, Emmie, and Alison. Could this be a chance for her to make some new friends? Come find out.

This game contains graphic content so please be wary.
There are 4 different endings available.
I plan to make a sequel to this if it is well received.
Please comment if you see any errors or glitches.
Tell me your thoughts or questions down below. :-)
SPEED DATE THAT MECH! (TFP dating sim: DEMO)  PG-13 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl
Are you a TFP fan? *Check*
Have a favorite Con/Bot in TFP? *Check*
Ever wanted to romance the living pit out of them? *CHECK*
If you do, then be my guest and SPEED DATE THAT MECH!

Actual game description:
You are just a friendly, neighborhood girl, used to hanging out at the arcade down the street...
But today is your lucky day!
By clearing out the entire toy crane machine at a competition, your reward is beta-testing a new VR game created by the company managing this arcade. However, your luck soon runs out as you find yourself stuck inside the VR dating simulator! You can only return to reality by charming the main cast of TFP, who you will meet during a speed dating event...
Queue you, trying to romance your way back to the real world, while you get to know the cartoon characters you have only seen through the TV screen your entire life...

as individuals, as people...

DISCLAIMER: This VN will deal with serious topics such as self-hatred, PTSD, depression, abusive none-romantic relationships, flashbacks of war and grieving! Viewer discretion is advised!
Circles  Completed Girl pursues Girl
SASO 2016 Main Round 2 - Team Shimizu Kiyoko/Yachi Hitoka

Yachi Hitoka has visions in her sleep. When she starts seeing one crucial moment repeatedly, it becomes more and more interwined with her life, and she slowly begins to realise that she's one of the spiders in the giant web of fates...

Disclaimer: This Graphic Novel is fan-made and Team Shimizu Kiyoko/Yachi Hitoka doesn't own the copy right to any of the characters appearing in the Haikyuu!! manga or anime.

We worked on this with several people (one person writing the story, one beta-reading, one artist for sprites, one for the backgrounds, and one for audio) during the course of one month (actually roughly 1.5 weeks but oh well) so we know it's not perfect but we got it done and are fairly proud of it. We hope you enjoy!
Apocalyptic Dream Demo  Mature 17 Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

((Please only play Mikuru's route right now - Toshiro's is back under construction!!))

Demo for Apocalyptic Dream, or ApoYume for short. Play as Mikuru or Toshiro in each spoiler-free snippet. Routes for each twin are completely different.
ApoYume is an Otome set during a zombie Apocalypse. Content warning for violence, language, and adult themes. Romance tags refer to all options possible in full game.

The kickstarter to fund the full project launches August 6th and will run for 30 days! The full game will be coded through Unity, and will have seamless transitions. Sprites are by Sasamekuh.

Midnight Springs:

All updates as of Dec 2nd 2023:

• Roughly 900 more words have been added to Mikuru's route, with Sayaka present in that section.
• Dialogue in her route has been updated to sound more natural.
• Ryuu and Atsushi's themes from OST were added for the brief romantic notes with them.
• ALL of the sprites were resized to be smaller, so that they don't look as compressed. ...I'm not sure how well it worked. 😭 Idk, let me know if it still looks crunchy on your device... Arisa's new resized files have been saved but my hand is giving out on me, I couldn't swap her out yet. I'll do that probably Monday but won't make an update about it outside of the discord server.
• Menu theme, suspense theme, danger theme, Mikuru hopeful theme, Mikuru normal theme from OST have all been added. OST tracks are shorter than the previous royalty-free tracks I had in, so the loops will be more noticeable. Toshiro's theme should also have been swapped in properly just by default.
• Sayuri's theme was also swapped in, despite it not being a romantic moment. I really like the royalty-free track I had in there before, but I will not be using any royalty-free tracks in the full game except when absolutely necessary (ie backstory-chapter specific exceptions).
• Some BGs have been replaced. Menu screen has been updated (not final, this is a low res version with my studio logo added), and a replaced credits screen is up with unofficial font.

What was NOT done, but will be tackled ASAP:
• Toshiro's route doesn't have any updates other than swapped out assets. Arisa's have not been swapped out yet because I'm also going to add her extra pose, but as mentioned the files are already saved and almost ready to go.
• Atsushi's voice files will be updated (thank you Jordan! ^^).

An ordinary otome game but the boys are replaced with girls  Hiatus Girl pursues Girl
(i'm not creative to name this, welp) the lack of shoujo-ai dating sims i made this, randomly. I should be working on my 'serious' games but i'm doing this, wow.
I'll also do another shoujo-ai game according to my VN poll (which ended).

The Witch in the Forest  Ongoing Girl pursues Girl
A short and sweet Halloween-themed yuri game!

This is still very much a work in progress, so treat this as a demo. Updates and such on it will be available on my Twitter:
A Summer in Dreamlab  Teen 16 Completed Girl pursues Girl
Broccolina wants to spend a summer day with Tangerine to help Tangerine forget the day she took the kids to the lab by mistake, but to gather people and objects in a crazy laboratory is not the easiest task in the world.
But she's determined, for her girl.
This game is based on my character Broccolina and her story "A Trip to Dreamlab"! Almost all of the info about her and much more can be read on her Toyhouse; (As well as the other characters within this story, in the same folder!)

This was made for the Unforgettable Summer Jam, I'd never made a game on this engine before, so I thought it would be fun! Hope you like it!
Yandere Simulator Dating Sim [Hiatus]  Hiatus Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl
WIP (something I've been working on but neglected because of personal issues)

Eat Your Heart Out Demo!  PG-13 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl
On one hot summer's day, you decide to enter a little cafe to get a drink. Little did you know that this decision would have great consequences. Will you meet the girl of your dreams? Or will you find yourself eating your heart out?
Wisteria Cafe (Demo)  Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl
In a Fantasy world full of magic... You are struggling to get a job??
Lovestruck DEMO  Teen 16 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl
It is time to go back to school! New year, new you, new opportunities- but most of all, new room for potential love! But all seems to go downhill when you find yourself trapped in the school over a week's break...
Five ❤️ Hearts  Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl
A Game Inspired by Five Nights of Love for Valentine Event.

8 Endings to discover (2 secret)
6 Characters to love

Enjoy this short game.

this game is not intented to be perfect is just a normal small game for entertainment.

WARNING: IN CASE YOU GONNA RECORD A NON-COMMENTARY VIDEO OR A VIDEO IN GENERAL FOR THIS GAME: put these credits in Descrition of your videos to prevent Copyright. Don't worry they are in order in witch you part recorded:

Main Menu:
"Andreas Theme" Kevin MacLeod (
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"DarxieLand" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Rainbows" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Carefree" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Vivacity" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Balloon Game" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Two Finger Johnny" Kevin MacLeod (
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"Past Sadness" Kevin MacLeod (
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WedgeWolf  Teen 16 Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl
It's Hollo Night and all the other Wolves are out howling at the moon, partying, and going door to door getting candy. I'm just going to stay indoors this year. After last year's fight with my friends, I've been taking it solo, and I'm not about to break that isolation streak just yet. At least, till someone familiar knocks on my door.
Why don't you hate me?  Mature 17 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl
A clique about a girl who is bullied and feels different and a daily thought out normal life.
Or so they thought.
Enter the journey in this world with twist and turns filled with wonder and excitement-
and a hint of crazy! Enjoy and goodluck.