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61 Visual Novels
A story with a series of events that provoke strong emotion due to a conflict.
61 Visual Novels
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Skights  Hiatus Girl pursues Boy
Once upon a time, in the land of Sugaria, a princess was born in the Cherry Kingdom. When she was a child, the princess fell ill and was said to die. On her dying day, the young princess made one last wish, "oh how I could have grown into a woman," and in a flash of light, three fairies appeared before her.

These three fairies gave the princess three golden seeds to plant in the east, the south, and the west and thus the princess began her quest. As the princess planted the first two seeds, she soon grew skeptical. What could these little seeds possibly do? And so, thinking she could outsmart the three fairies, she swallowed the last golden seed, and left the east before she could fulfill her last promise. Angry for what she had done, the last fairy put a curse on the princess, that was said to last for a thousand years....

Now, a thousand years later, three girls encounter mysterious magical objects in the enchanted forests of Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate woods. What will become of these three girls?
High School Otome  Completed Girl pursues Boy
Trouble playing online? No problem, download the entire game here -

This is a story about a lonely girl named Sabrina. She lives the everyday life of a normal high schooler, and this is her story about a day in the life of Sabrina.
The Price of Magic  Teen 16 Discontinued Girl pursues Boy
--In Progress--
8/31 - Fall term of Jack's route is now available, though not fully tested yet -- I should have time to work on things this evening, so please let me know if you encounter issues!
8/20 - Part 1 of Jack's route released, bugs fixed. I've been writing this route for the fantasy land jam, though I probably won't be able to get the next part published for at least 2-3 weeks.

8/12 - Malcolm's route completed! Good end, secret epilogue, and multiple bad ends are included. Added the option to skip straight to character selection after the first route is completed.
Fixed some bugs, as well. Let me know if you run into issues.
Jack's route is currently being written - should have the first section or two up before the end of the month.

You have just learned that magic is real due to an offer of admission to the North American College of Magic.
Learn the dangers and advantages of three different magical traditions and work towards the one you choose as your major. Includes a full year's magical curriculum.
Get to know your classmates, including three datable characters to choose from.
Just remember: your tuition may be fully paid, but magic is never free...

A few tips:
-The questions in the common route all contribute to you making it into the route of your choosing or not. The conversation in which you tell Kathy your crush is just what prevents you from ending up in a different character's route.
-Not a pure otome game -- if you're just here for the romance this might not be for you. It includes a lot of world building, as well as a stats management element.
-After your first play-through you'll have the option to skip directly to character reselect, which will start you on Monday of your second week of school, where the routes branch.
-You don't have to focus on the same discipline as the character you choose, but you may get extra opportunities to train in their discipline. Just be sure you work on each skill enough to pass the exam at the end.
-You will bad end if you run out of any type of magic
-These stories are long, so be sure to save.
-Double click if you find the game gets stuck between scenes.

And a couple of disclaimers:
-Contains strong language.
-While there are theological questions raised within the story, they aren't intended to reflect specific religions of our world, though you can look at it that way if you want to.
-This is a non-commercial (free) game.


Written and directed by Otome Graveyard.

Most sprites by Elzee (, used with some edits
Jack and Kara's sprites by pikarei:
Pax, Oliver, Alastair and Sadie's sprites are by Shida.
Prof. LaVeau and General Patterson's sprites are from - Source:
Nurse Crawford's silhouette is a modified version of an image from

Backgrounds (some are slightly modified versions of the originals):
School Exterior is a paintover I did from background stock provided by fuguestock:
Classroom by Sleepy-Mia: by Sleepy-Mia
dorm room by konett
Swimming pool and nurse's office by 彩 雅介">
Jack and Pax's room by カワタ
Dorm hallway - (terms of use:
Chapel Exterior by Otome Graveyard using components from
Chapel interior by ThorneArtStudio:
Chapel hallway by Lil-Mz:
Forests, containment and and office by joakimolofsson:
Ruin #1 by darkhikarii:
Ruin #2 by artofcarmen:
Ruin #3 by showmeyourmoves:
Dining hall and student lounge by ぐったりにゃんこ (permission granted here:
Fever dream background - (permission:
Gym from
MC’s room
Front hall
MC’s house By 彩 雅介
School exterior w/ fountain by JAVA Novel Via
Dorm exterior by JAVA Novel via
Balcony by JAVA Novel via
Auditorium by 椎名菜緒 via (original source appears to be gone or moved)
Library by JAVA Novel via
Hall (Terms of use here, use google translate: )
Night forest :

Many objects, background components and animal spirits are either public domain or free images from - pngtree does not seem to require links to specific image sources or their contributors (generic credit as requested on their site) but let me know if this is incorrect and I'll try to list everything.

Please contact me if I have failed to properly credit any resources, or need to remove something.
Life ✿ On!  Hiatus Girl pursues Boy
{~✿ Summary ✿~}
Going to a new school is tough?
Try Lyn, a normal girl suddenly tossed into the upper-classed society at Hershvard Academy, the famous institute for rich sons and daughters of the higher class.

With her struggling relationship, an arranged marriage with the worst guy possible, and a crazy theater teacher trying to meddle with her love life, can Lyn face life head on?

Life, you've officially chosen the wrong person to mess with.
Oh life, it's on!

Dedicated to 99.99% of the population, for our messed up lives and the inhumane ability to sort them out in the end.

Follow me on @otometaku on Instagram!
Paranoia (WIP)  Mature 17 Ongoing Boy pursues Boy
You wake up locked in a mysterious mansion with four of your classmates from school. Things start getting weirder when you and your classmates begin to see things...and turn on each other. Will you be able to make it through the paranoia? Why were you locked in this mansion? And why the hell are all your classmates so devilishly good looking?
Hey guys! Hope you enjoy my first visual novel ever! More updates and chapters will be coming soon so stay tuned!
Fnia The Ultimate Night's  Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl
by hoot
Welp it's been over 1 year now so let's do something special what character do y'all want me to add leave a comment
C H O I C E S  PG-13 Completed
Being the new kid at a new school, you are determined to rebuild and uphold a new image of yourself. Your quirks have landed you with the "in-crowd" at your school. You are faced with choices; good choices, bad choices. Choices that didn't seem like it came with consequences at that time. Choices that will land you in places you've never thought you could go, choices that will show you things you've never thought you would see.
But remember; there's two sides of a coin.
It's time to choose.

"We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us." (Bioshock 2)

((( this description is far more dramatic than what the visual novel is. I made this for a school project and didn't have much time to work on it, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!! )))

TW: fast moving images, bright pink blood.
Undercover Prince  Ongoing Boy pursues Boy
The most eligible princes in the land enter into a competition to win your hand in marriage. The catch? You're going to be undercover acting as their servant the entire time to find out what they're really like! Will the princes turn out to be jerks or will they win your heart?
Follow our official Instagram @Undercover_Prince for extra art, fanart, updates, announcements and more!!!
Sprite art by: @Blue.boy.cosplays
Written by: @Captaincleanfreak
Original Music by: @Kewrryy
Opening Music by: Rick Dickert
Backgrounds: @Captaincleanfreak
Space Rancher: slimy encounters  Ongoing Girl pursues Boy
It's a fan-game of another game that happens to involve slimes and farming.

Please give your feedback in the PM thanks.
Mary and The Emotionless Sed |DEMO|  Hiatus Girl pursues Boy
In this story, Mary is our adorable protagonist and was living in a town near a rumored forest that is named to be dangerous. Knowing that the story about the prince who went missing 10 years ago, went in to this forest and never came back. As Mary knew the story, she's certainly aware of it. Then suddenly she followed this strange glowing butterfly that lead her to that forest and met a young man. Utterly confused and surprised as she encounter him with her way to escape the forest.

Rococo Love  Discontinued
During the peak of royal extravagance in France, help Perrette navigate the complicated relationships at court, make her deliveries in time, and maybe find romance herself.
So this game is is far from complete! There's a lot more it's supposed to do and oh god I swear the endings will be smoother when I get time. I'm just very wrapped up in the whole moving-to-a-new-country thing right now and this was the best I could do before the end of *Sakura Jam*!!!
And yes, I did take a romance/spring/flowers prompt and turn it into basically an elaborate logic puzzle. Because my heart is made of stone and ice.
Our Mountain   Teen 16 Completed Girl pursues Boy
Our Mountain takes place in an isolated region of ancient Japan. One day Kumiko, a woman living alone on the mountaintop, has an unsettling encounter with two Yokai. Unable to cross the flooding river due to melting snow and ice, they must stay with her until the river recedes.

As they live together their true reason for descending the mountain becomes apparent, thrusting Kumiko into a difficult situation-one that could paint the valley in blood. Will she choose her gut feeling, or will she be swayed by the Yokai’s words?

Note: Please wait a few moments for the scenes to load. Rated Teen 16 for mild blood, swearing, and distress.
Lobby Room 404 (Ver 1.0 COMPLETED)  PG-13 Completed
A melding of sporadic imagery. A tinkering with different perspectives with episodic structure. Sensation. Hallucination. Reality or illusion?

[WARNING: There are flashing images]

(This game is just something I put together for fun ^^ I may or may not continue it since I have to work on my actual VN's, but feedback is still very welcome!)
Winter Days •♦DEMO♦•  Hiatus
It's the 1st day of's been 10 years since our mother died because of a terrible sickness. I don't quite remember what it is...It was said to be a Leukemia. I and my younger sister Thérèse were left behind in our house. Our father is one of the soldiers who fight and sacrifice their lives for our country. And so...our life far from the city has just begun.


Fixing credits/images/etc
Fate's Bite: A Vampire Hetalia Otome  Teen 16 Ongoing Girl pursues Boy
The story follows a young woman who just returned from years of boarding school abroad to attend a ball. However it seems her past (including the parts she is oblivious to) has followed her once again. After accidentally bumping into a stranger she faints, awaking in a strange mansion.

Eight beautiful strangers tower above her. They mention a Foretelling, the life-changing meeting of a human, the Chosen, and a vampire. But it seems they grabbed the wrong human as she has never heard of the prophecy let alone vampires before. To avoid death she must continue with the Foretelling, choosing a soulmate who is directly linked to her.

Note: The game is rated Teen-16 for blood and implications of a graphic nature. Despite the dark fantasy theme of the game, there is no explicit visual content.
Trigger Warning! Game includes possible triggers such as abuse and torture.
Blood [Full Game]  R-18 Completed
You play as the hero Jack as you solve very heinous crime! This is not to be taken lightly it has graphic and sensitive content! Please play at your own discretion!
White Book: Azure  Completed
"There exist a certain white book which can alter its reader's perception of reality. Through a story their future is revealed."

For a better game experience wear headphones and play in fullscreen.

Special thanks to Rerofunk and GospelDS.
All rights belong to their respected owners.
Echoes of legacy  Hiatus
Visual novel COMPLETED!

Hello everyone, we are 2 students of Milan! we made this visual novel insipired by Siddhartha a 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse for a school project.

Our story is a sequel regarding his son.

All the assets are drawn by us. (characters,backgrounds,buttons)

There are a lot of chapters and decisions. the final game is out!

If you guys have any feedback or comment that could help us, feel free to contact us!
Thank you!
So You Want to be a Vampire  Teen 16 Completed Girl pursues Boy
You play a 17-year-old girl and student at Stormharbor High School. Your plans to spend senior year reigning over the school with your best friend, Madison, are suddenly thrown off course when a mysterious new student arrives at your school. Soon enough your eyes are opened to a world full of monsters, and they're not all supernatural.

Contains mild swearing, disturbing situations, and references to murder.


Written and directed by Otome Graveyard for Halloween Jam 2018.

UI designed by Otome Graveyard with some elements with


Destroy the Shadows by Jeris (c) copyright 2014 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Kara Square (mindmapthat), Jack Burgess

damn. by grapes (c) copyright 2018 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.

nightWalk by airtone (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.

Back Through The Stars by PorchCat (c) copyright 2014 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: airtone


MC and Madison are by Shida.
Sorin is by Anise-star (contact me if you’d like to use the brown haired version I made)
Mr. Finch and Geofri Ardelean are by MikiTakamoto (
Louise is from
Lilith Ardelean is by 可蘿露卡露琪
Emily is by yashi85123


School, sky and ocean from MoonWind">
Men’s Bathroom from
School library, beach and streets from">
Ardeleans’ house from, painted by Otome Graveyard, with skies from MoonWind
Entryway by すこあ ... d=65466809
Dining room from
Hallway and bedroom by sei.chan
Upstairs hallway by Chocolate Berry
Living room by by Belldew @ deviantArt
Cemetery by sciatica
Car interior by pearl123
MC’s front door from
MC’s bedroom by K'sFactory
Mabel’s Cafe by iluminu
Madison’s living room by Chocolate Berry
Keypad by luares
hospital from here:

Please contact me if I have failed to provide proper credit for anything and I'll be sure it's taken care of.
SPEED DATE THAT MECH! (TFP dating sim: DEMO)  PG-13 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl
Are you a TFP fan? *Check*
Have a favorite Con/Bot in TFP? *Check*
Ever wanted to romance the living pit out of them? *CHECK*
If you do, then be my guest and SPEED DATE THAT MECH!

Actual game description:
You are just a friendly, neighborhood girl, used to hanging out at the arcade down the street...
But today is your lucky day!
By clearing out the entire toy crane machine at a competition, your reward is beta-testing a new VR game created by the company managing this arcade. However, your luck soon runs out as you find yourself stuck inside the VR dating simulator! You can only return to reality by charming the main cast of TFP, who you will meet during a speed dating event...
Queue you, trying to romance your way back to the real world, while you get to know the cartoon characters you have only seen through the TV screen your entire life...

as individuals, as people...

DISCLAIMER: This VN will deal with serious topics such as self-hatred, PTSD, depression, abusive none-romantic relationships, flashbacks of war and grieving! Viewer discretion is advised!