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Sonya Fung
Hello, I'm the founder of CloudNovel LLC. I started CloudNovel back in my dorm room in Boston University in winter 2014.
Cincinnati, OH
Joined Mar 6th, 2015
Sonya Fung
Hello, I'm the founder of CloudNovel LLC. I started CloudNovel back in my dorm room in Boston University in winter 2014.
Cincinnati, OH
Joined Mar 6th, 2015
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Feb 16th, 2024
Replied to a comment on Café Rouge:
TwTSam36 said: Oh ok thank you for taking the time to figure out the problem and helping me.
You are most welcome.
Feb 16th, 2024
Replied to a comment on Café Rouge:
TwTSam36 said: The part where Chris finishes explaining me about the history of vampires.
I just played it and passed the part where Chris explains the history of vampires just fine, have you tried clearing your cookies? Sometimes if you've played too many visual novels on our website, your cookies might have reached its storage limit and causes your page to refresh. Deleting your cookies (and logging in again) usually fixes this issue.
Feb 15th, 2024
Replied to a comment on Café Rouge:
TwTSam36 said: Why does it keep on refreshing my tab on this specific part of the game. IT GETTING SO ANNOYING!!! For some reason this keeps on happening every time I try to play it.
Could you tell me which specific part of the game it keeps refreshing, so I can take a look and fix?
Feb 15th, 2024
Released an update to the visual novel Maid Café Simulator: Introduced new characters in both versions of prologue
Feb 11th, 2024
Feb 4th, 2024
Posted a new reply in Skights in the Discuss Your RPG forum: Hey guys, I've just restored Skights so it is playable online now, here it is:

Overall, since the crowdfunding campaign was cancelled, I'm going to remake an prototype version of Skights with a rewritten script as my first goal. It's been over a decade since I've worked on it, so I'm going to make a lot of changes to the story and candyland lore.

After a solid prototype is finished, then I'll start working on the final game with CloudRPG.

That's all, have a good evening!
Jan 28th, 2024
Created new topic Queen of Hearts Chat in the Discuss Your Visual Novel forum:
Queen of Hearts: A Chat Bot

This is my first attempt at creating a chat bot, from the famous character Queen of Hearts in the Alice in Wonderland books. If this is successful, I'll make a sister version for an Alice character.

Basically, this game is more of like a chatting game with mini games included (tarot card reading, 2 on 2 tea time with the Queen of Hearts, and conversation choices) .... I'll be adding little tidbits here and there, where you can earn the Queen of Heart's affection points, which will let her tell you more of herself and fun stories (and secrets) about the Queen of Heart's personal life.

This is a made up character, and I'm trying something new with creating a chat bot as a visual novel game.... but yeah, hopefully people will find a chatbot character an entertaining game..... who knows.

That's all I have for now, ciao~!

Jan 28th, 2024
Created new topic Maid Café Simulator in the Discuss Your Visual Novel forum:
Maid Café Simulator

Run your very own maid café!
Hey guys, so after working at Panera Bread for so long (and my first game being Café Rouge), I've decided to do a new side game/project, Maid Café Simulator. Reason is because I've always wanted to go to a real life maid café or butler café..... but they don't have it here, they only have them in Japan. So, I've thought seriously about making my own café and ordering all my employees to wear maid/butler uniforms.... but I don't have time to run a real life café, like Panera Bread. So, since I can't create my own maid café with my own maid café uniforms... why not make a maid café simulator? 

It'll be very cool, you can:
  1. Design your maid or butler uniform(s) for your employees
  2. Run a restaurant just like the game "Diner Dash" (a game I loved as a little girl)
  3. Pretend you have a maid café, virtually

This way, I can live my dream of making a maid café without actually have to build a maid café business, in real life. 
If you're wondering, yes this game is inspired by the Steam or Nintendo switch game, Cult of the Lamb (which I'll get eventually, it's so cute) so yeah....

Again, to see the full behind the scene details of this new game, read the post here (with an exclusive WIP screenshot):


Jan 28th, 2024
Created new topic Legendary Kunoichi: Karin in the Discuss Your Visual Novel forum:

"In ancient Japanese times, legend tells of fearsome female ninjas, called the kunoichi. It was said that one such kunoichi, who was so famous for her fabled skills, was named Karin the Kingfisher. Beautiful, deadly, and sharp witted, she vanquished many foes that caught the eyes of the highest in all the lands. Kings and noblemen alike were so impressed by her heroic feats, that they all sought for her hand in marriage, from hearing tales of this legendary female warrior. Not accustomed to a life of confinement, she instead vowed to serve these lords whenever they needed her aid. Still, that did not deter them from pursuing her hand, for it only added to her list of remarkable feats.

Thus was how this kunoichi earned her name as the Kingfisher female ninja."

I'm starting a new visual novel series called "Legendary Kunoichi: Karin" a story about a young female ninja called Karin.

For those who don't know about kunoichi, they are the official name for a female ninja in Japan. Ninjas have long been depicted in folktales as assassins, and have been popularized in modern day media.

Anyway how THIS particular game will work, is, it is mostly a kinetic novel but branches out, but is kinetic.... there won't be any complex game play other than choices and text.... so this game is more like a traditional visual novel.

Please look forward to it, and read the full Patreon post here (contains 2 exclusive photos of WIP and concept art):
Dec 25th, 2023
Released The Little Baby!
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