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Bisexual Dating Sim (Demo) Discontinued Boy pursues Boy Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy

by RaynRayn, viaviolets

69 Subscribers
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Released Tue Mar 13 2018

by RaynRayn, viaviolets

69 Subscribers


Artwork: Viaviolets via Instagram/DeviantArt
Programming: Asuka_ghost via Instagram
Textbox: DAX
Choice Box: Sonya X
Sound Effects:


Linkleanne84 Jun 1st, 2019

I love the story !!! It’s so cool !!! I liked so much the tsundere boy , hehe... But later that Nara said “let’s go to our next destination” , it stopped ! It’s the end of the demo ?

Catisnotverycool Apr 14th, 2019

Hello! I am enjoying this game very much (it reminds me a bit of Doki Doki Liturature Club), and I was wondering why I could not get passed after Valintina ran away. It just freezes. I was wondering if that is the end of the demo or what? Thank you for your time!