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Re☆ch! (DEMO)   Completed

Re☆ch! (DEMO)   Completed

by MirKatz, tutu2402

38 Subscribers
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14,470 Words
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Released Wed Nov 11 2020

by MirKatz, tutu2402
38 Subscribers

Comedy Kinetic Drama Slice of Life
Shirogane Akemi is a normal 19-year-old who has been into idols ever since she was a kid. Except the normal part isn't particularly right: She's the daughter of WHITE Production's President. One day, Akemi was assigned a mission: Assembling an idol group in less than a year. Will she be able to reach that goal?


XxBakuChanxX Sep 1st, 2021

its a very cool visual novel, the dialog feels natural and the characters are very original! i cant wait to see the next chapters :)

Vladimir May 31st, 2021

lol @MirKatz found your pfp in Akemi's rom

Seakobra Apr 27th, 2021

i cant get past the twitter link screen

ShioriLizzy Apr 21st, 2021

Kiyoshi is soo IKEMENNNNNNNNN o(≧∇≦o) I want more Kiyoshi pleaseeeee

BytchSisGrimes Mar 27th, 2021

Noice. Also, will there be female idols?

SHIO Mar 15th, 2021

There's a glitch in chapter 4 after the car drive. The sprites don't show up.

Cherry96 Feb 26th, 2021

I can’t get past chapter 6 ..?
And during chapter 6 there are multiple characters that I can’t see

Archangel75 Feb 3rd, 2021

Is the name pronounced “reach”?

Dataeno Jan 30th, 2021


SHIO Jan 9th, 2021

^^ This is pretty good! I look forward to seeing the next part!
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