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Elf By Myself

Elf By Myself  

by frutokuma

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Released Sat Dec 12 2020

by frutokuma
12 Subscribers

#dark academia#dress up#elf
You are an elf who got separated from Santa during the Christmas delivery and don’t know how to get back home. In the meantime, you put on a disguise to blend in with civilization, hiding the fact that you are an elf. The wardrobe you find happens to belong to a dark academia enthusiast.


Anooblmao Jun 7th, 2021

Hello! Amazing game and I love the art. However, when I press on the, " Cover Page", a little picture shows up on the top showing the cover. Is it suppose to be like that? Sorry in some way I'm being annoying.

Lionbarrel May 3rd, 2021

Pet the elf

CatNerdNinjaGirl Apr 16th, 2021

This gives me such Underground Office vibes. I love the artstyle!

Sonya Dec 21st, 2020

I love your art style, it's amazing, you are SUPER talented :D
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