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by Neeka

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Released Sun Nov 05 2017

by Neeka

170 Subscribers
Originally for KHMix engine. Has multiple clothing, hairstyles, and expressions. Currently there are only the original colors. You have to match the base to the appropriate clothes. I hope you all enjoy!


About the created image
- Doujin game, movie, site design etc freely please.
■ Share, for women, for men, regardless of age restriction you can use.
■ Please freely change the size of outputted images, trimming etc.
■ Please freely modify the original image (Categories, Modifications, Processing etc).
■ If the site stops distributing, you can use the downloaded material.
■ The use report is unnecessary, the description in readme.txt or credit is optional (copyright is not abandoned)
■ This site can not accept any responsibility about the disadvantage that occurred as a result of using the material.
■ Links are optional. If you can do it please to the following URL.

URL: or

(As I understand you may use them for non-commercial. Feel free to visit the site.)
I apologize for any bugs!