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Cryolocked.(DEMO) Mature 17 Ongoing

by cardnal69

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Released Thu Jun 13 2019

by cardnal69

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You play as Curtis Latham, a Private detective in a Futuristic Houston Texas on the hunt for the serial killer who murdered your old partner.
After two years of searching you finally find a lead on where he's been setting up shop but, at the same time a case has dropped into your lap and what it entails may or may not be worth the money..

In the year 2006, the evolution of technology as We knew It took a massive leap forward and no one saw it coming....
Cybernetic prosthetics led to advanced robotics, advances in robotics led to androids, and their sentience helped us understand our own conscious.
By 2020 they become apart of our everyday lives and on top of that cryogenic research received a huge breakthrough.
It begins to be used in space exploration and medical science but, as it becomes readily available to the public, people begin to use it to prolong their lives or to simply just Escape.
At first all seemed well but after awhile frequent users began to experience organ failure, hallucinations and in some cases schizophrenia so, before the decade was over cryo was deemed illegal and millions of people around the world were left frozen until a solution was found.
It was 62 whole years before anyone legally left a cryopod and when they did their awoke to a world of black market prosthetics, cyberterrorism, and the beginning of an android and trans-human civil rights movement.
Most users had trouble being reintroduced into everyday life but after taking the new drug some eventually they got better.
The rest... began to succumb to their symptoms and became Cryolocked.


Characters-Cardnal69 & SimeonTemplar(Deviant Aart)
Backgrounds-Aaron Parecki: Office - :Elevator - Jasper Byrne: Stairway - Jason Tammemagi: city street


FishyFeathers Jun 16th, 2019

This was pretty fun! Actually you surprised me with the pixelated art, it's not normally my thing but I really like it here! It seems to suit the story and the tone super well. Looking forward to seeing where this goes :)