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Cryolocked.(DEMO)   Mature 17 Ongoing

Cryolocked.(DEMO)   Mature 17 Ongoing

by cardnal69

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Released Thu Jun 13 2019

by cardnal69
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Sci-fi Mystery Adventure Comedy
You play as Curtis Latham, a Private detective in a Futuristic Houston Texas on the hunt for the serial killer who murdered your old partner.
After two years of searching you finally find a lead on where he's been setting up shop but, at the same time a case has dropped into your lap and what it entails may or may not be worth the money..


FishyFeathers Jun 16th, 2019

This was pretty fun! Actually you surprised me with the pixelated art, it's not normally my thing but I really like it here! It seems to suit the story and the tone super well. Looking forward to seeing where this goes :)