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Before you start anything, it is important to add assets to the library. After all, what you are making is a visual novel, with the word visual in front of the phrase. 

There are basically two methods to add assets to the library.

Using link

If you are using a free version to create a project, this is the only method available for you. To upload an asset using a link, you will need to get a link of your asset and copy-pasting it into the box. 

There are several ways to get a link.

Resources Gallery

If you are using assets from Resources Gallery, all you have to do is right-click, choose Copy image address and paste the copied link into the box. If you are using assets from Resources Gallery, please make sure you read the description for the terms of usage to make sure it is suitable and can be used in your project.

Credits to iluminu for providing Pink Maid

Upload your asset to a third-party hosting site such as (

This is not a sponsored post but trello is our most recommended site for hosting your asset. The main reason is their link last longer in comparison to other popular hosting sites such as PhotoBucket. We do not recommend using PhotoBucket because their link is most likely to get renewed every so often which will make your assets unavailable in the engine.

It is very easy to get upload your assets in Trello.

  1. First, make sure you create an account. It is free with a limit of 10MB per upload which is usually more than enough for a project. We recommend you to compress your image before uploading wherever it is possible to make sure you do not exceed the 10MB limit. You may opt-in for their premium account but we would like to remind you that a free account is usually more than enough if you are only intending as a hosting site.
  2. Next, create a board for your project.

  3.  Go inside the board and create a list. Next, under the list, create a card.


  4. Click on your card and just drop and drag your assets into the card. Wait until your assets finished uploading and then click on it. 

    Or you can click Attachment > Computer > Choose your assets

    Wait until it finishes uploading
  5. Under attachment, click on your asset thumbnail to open the image.


  6. Right-click on your asset, and copy the assets link. 


  7. Open your project library.


  8. Choose which category should your asset goes. Is it a character? Is it a button? Choose!


  9. Then, click the plus symbol that said Add (asset type).


    In this example, we will be adding character assets. If you are adding character, you are required to add create a character file first. Name your character then click Add Character.

    Add Character file

    Click Character file

    Click Continue

  10. This is where your character sprites will be located. Click Add Sprite.


  11. Name the asset you are uploading and paste the copied link into the URL box and click Preview.


  12. Wait until your asset fully uploaded.


  13. Then, click Add Assets.



Direct Upload

This method is available only to Premium version.

  1. Open your project library.
  2. Choose the category of assets you are about to upload. 
  3. Click Add Assets.
  4. Choose Upload.
  5. Click on your assets from your device file manager.
  6. Name your assets and click upload.
  7. Wait until the assets are fully uploaded and you are done!

NOTE: It is possible to do bulk upload using direct upload without the need to name your asset inside the project when you upload them. This is very useful when you are uploading character sprites or just lots of assets in the project library!