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Choices, oh, choices!
Choices are one of the important features in creating Visual Novel for it enables the players’ decision-making skills to shine.

Adding choices to enrich your player’s experience in the CloudNovel engine is simple.

  1. Open the scene you are working on.
  2. Add a new page or select an existing page.


  3. Click the Edit Page button.


  4. Once Edit Page Dialogue appears, look for Page Choices section.


  5. Click the Add Choices button.


  6. Add the choices. You can add as many choices you want but please be considerate as you don’t want to fill up the scene with all choices.


  7. Once you are done adding the choices, close the page dialogue.
  8. Look at your page, the choices will now be listed under the message box.


  9. Now, it is time to add the outcome when the player chooses a choice.

Choice Conclusion

The choice conclusion is the outcome the player gets when they choose a choice.

There are several outcomes your player can get when choosing a choice, for example;

  • They will be directed to experience different dialogues or scene as the result of their choice, or
  • They will increase/decrease some kind of value.

To make things simpler, we will just use the direction outcome to conclude the choice.

If you are just going to have the player goes through several different dialogues before emerging back together, we recommend you to just direct your player to pages.

Direct the player through different sequences of pages.

  1. Make sure you have the scenario ready. Let’s say I want the player to go to Consequence A (page 10) if they choose Choice A, or go to consequence B (page 11) if they choose Choice B. Then, they will emerge together on Page 12.
  2. Click at the gear icon of Choice A.

  3. This will bring up the Choice Conclusion box.


  4. Focus at Go to page when selected:


  5. Select the page number. I want Choice A to go to Consequence A which is on Page 10.



  6. Repeat the same step to Choice B except you change the page number.
  7. Now, this is VERY IMPORTANT. Read carefully.

    Choice A’s conclusion starts on Page 10 and ends on Page 10 while Choice B’s conclusion starts on Page 11 and ends on Page 11. Then, I want the outcome to become together on Page 12.
    This means I want Page 10 to skips Page 11 which has the Choice B’s consequences scenario and just go straight to Page 12.

  8. Thus, I need to click Edit Page Dialogue of the end of consequences A (which is page 10).


  9.  Select Page 12 in Go to page on end:


  10. This will make sure the Page 10 to go to Page 12 right after it ends.


Directing Player to a different scene

This usually concerns more serious choices outcome, for example, a straight bad ending or just a different scene altogether.

  1. First of all, make sure you have linked the scenes together. Check this post if you don’t know how to link scenes.
  2. Click the gear icon beside the choice.


  3. Focus on Go to Scene: in Choice Conclusion.


  4. Select the scene you want the player to go if they choose this choice.


  5. Confirm.


  6. That’s it.