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skylar Smith
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skylar Smith
Joined Nov 14th, 2021
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Jan 15th, 2022
Replied to a comment on Be Less Single:
Maekos33 said: how do you get it
please only use this guide if you have to, but if you go to the fandom for be less single and scroll down in the comments, "a fandom user" will give you instrutions on the choices to make. change the subject lemonade slushie tell michael about the squip ill take those odds let michael win ask why he didnt text punch him be confident try 420 or 69 to get unique answers, do NOT type 216 because it ends the game. get closer yes I have changed tease talk about chloe I just need time stop joking yes
Nov 14th, 2021
Commented on Be Less Single: never actually finished the good micheal ending: i just did, that was the most heart warming shit ever.