looking for writer - Done

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looking for writer - Done

Postby IchBins » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:04 pm

(sry if my english is bad ><)
Im looking for a writer, who is willing to work on a (kinda) long (and kinda BL themed) VN with me. I tried to write it myself, but it didn't work out that well (and I also wanted to do it in english, but THAT turned out even worse)

The genre would be: Drama, Comedy, Action, Gore (and lot's of sarcasm)

I have a general Idea of how I want the story to turn out >< and some of the character-designs and CGs are already done (if pictures are needed)

ps: I can't pay ya (but I will, if the game turns out to be successfull) and it would be great if mr or mrs writer understands german or turkish, but it's not rly necessary. Mr or Mrs writer has just to deal with my un-perfect english skills X|

If interested, pls reply here or send me a pm.

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