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snappuchan snappuchan
Hey everyone! Big news, username change from Akagii to Snappuchan, and im working on a AHiT fan novel! Read below if interested!

A Mystery in Time
plot: Welcome to space! Where planets beam and stars shine! One things for certain, on one planet there's multiple creatures going missing! From birds, to ghosts, to even Mafia! Two kids try to find out who committed this catastrophe! Meet familiar faces, and some new ones, in this A Hat in Time fan-novel!

in need of: Artists ((bg, sprite, cg)), Voice actors (For different characters male and female), and composers. ALL MUST DM ME WITH ART, VOICE ACTING, OR MUSIC EXAMPLES ON DISCORDother notes: yeah, im doing this. If you want to know the characters, or ORIGINAL a hat in time lore or gameplay, please feel free to ask about that. It will or will not be needed.

Hope anyone can help!
~snappuchan (formerly akagii)

I can help! I am praticing my art skills!
I can also voice somone!
Hello, im interested in drawing character sprites for free :)
Though id like to see the characters/references of the character designs so i can determine if im able to draw them in my style since im still new to art and not that confident of an artist... I like to draw males a lot, but I can try for females aswell (I really need to start drawing more females lol)

Also, I draw in a more animeish with hints of realism (not sure what to really call my art style tbh). My pfp is what you may expect (This art style is still a bit experimental) 
snappuchan snappuchan
I'd love that! please DM me so I can give you my contact info, so I can send refs and stuff!
I'd love to voice a character! I made a post on the services forum for voice actors so you can check that out or dm me!
snappuchan snappuchan
Still looking for some sprite artists, composers, and VA's!
Please send me a DM on here so we can exchange our social media info!