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This week, I have posted our first writing challenge! Please read the full details here: 

Featured Art from Discord

Our talented community of artists are at it again with lots of new art in our #art channel on the 
official CloudNovel® Discord. These are just a few of the new art pieces created this week by our discord community.

A shoutout to our talented discord users whose art we featured:


Sonya's Twitch Schedule

Last week, Princess Sonya canceled her Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday streams due to events happening in her personal life. We are so sorry! This week, will be streaming (hopefully) for 5 days straight with some of the same variety such as playing Sonya's favorite new game "Long Live the Queen" and this week's "random Wednesday" stream will be the postponed stream of Sonya cooking in her kitchen.

You can look at the full schedule here:

Sonya's Development Update

Here is Sonya's official development update for this week:

Hey again everyone, so I've only streamed 2 days this week... next week I'll try again to stream 5 days in a row. Sorry I keep cancelling, irl is busy.

The good news is, the two new features for CloudAvatar engine is finished. You can now change colors of your pieces, as well as mask your UI for some fancy special effects.

Yeah that's all I have for now, so besides all that, I'm going to finish the two new dress-up games, and hopefully by end of next week the Steam store pages will be live. You'll see the announcement soon.



Featured Resources of the Week

This week, we have four featured resources, and they are all free:

  • Shizuku by @MUGkaburi: This character is a set of characters made by the generous artist MUG Kaburi, who labels his brand as a coffee mug icon. He draws very attractive female characters that are used typically in a game told in a male POV with lots of wonderful ladies *hint hint*
  • Mail Package by @konett: A cute little mail package just like the one Hedwig the owl holds in Happy Potter!
  • Cafeteria by @iluminu: A lovely background for a typical cafe scenario, great for a cafeteria in an office building! Think of all the hot office ladies and office drama stories you can write!
  • Gingerbread Textbox by @ThayBrownie: This textbox is one of our most beautiful GUIs created by me, your one and only fairy! Great for a sweets themed visual novel game!

End of newsletter

That concludes our third newsletter of January 2023. Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading our update for this week.