Choices and Story Branches

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add branches and choices to your visual novel.


Open your project to the scene map, and select a scene (to select, click on the scene). Click on add branch or right click on your mouse to create a new branch. Select and click on the scene you want to connect to. Your two scenes are now connected and a new branch has been added to the left branch panel.


Open a scene and go into the scene editor. Create or select a current page you want to create choices, and edit the dialogue. Scroll down to the choices. Click on add choice to add a choice. Type in the choice button text. Your choice will now appear in the page. To give an action to the choice after you click it, edit the choice settings by clicking on the gear. Select a page or scene for the choice to go to. Congratulations, you have created a choice in your page! More information about the alter flag and choice conditions will be explained in a later tutorial.