Flags and Game stats

In this tutorial we will show you how to use flags and game stats in your visual novel.

What are flags? Flags are essentially variables or containers that store information. In visual novels, they may be:

String-name of player character
Integer-relationship level with another character
Boolean-true or false value

To create a flag, click on manage flags in the upper left corner of your project map page. The manage flags menu will appear. Select the type of flag you want to add and press add flag and save changes. In this tutorial, we will be adding an integer flag. To manipulate your flag value, you may alter your flags with pages, choice buttons, and button assets. In the next example will we show you how to add flag alterations to choice buttons.

First, create a new scene, add a page and two choices to that page. If you do not know how to add choices to your visual novel, make sure to read this tutorial on choices and story branches. Open up the choice settings by clicking on the gear icon. In your choice settings, expand the alter flags to add your integer flag. You can now alter your integer flag. There are three ways to alter an integer flag, increase, decrease, and set its value. In this example we will increase our integer flag by 1. Now when people click on our choice button, our integer flag will increase by 1.

To manipulate your visual novel based on the flag value, you can add conditions to pages, choice buttons, animations, and story branches. In the next example, we will show you how to add conditions to story branches that are based on our integer flag value.

Go back to the scene map of your visual novel. Create another scene and connect the two scenes with a branch. Click on any of the connected scenes to edit its branches. Open up and click on manage conditionals. The manage conditionals menu will appear. Add your integer flag to the conditionals. Set it to equal to 0, and press save changes. Your story branch will now go to the next scene only if your integer lovePoints is equal to 0.

Congratulations, you have added a flag or game stat to your visual novel! Continue onto the next tutorial to learn how to add embedded flags to your visual novel!