3rd Birthday Anniversary:

Fantasy Land Contest



1st Place: 50,000 points
Special custom rank

2nd Place: 10,000 points
Special rank (Enchantress, Wizard)

3rd Place: 5,000 points


What is the Fantasy Land contest?

The Fantasy Land contest is a summer season long game jam hosted by Sonya, creator of CloudNovel! In this game jam, the goal is centered around creating a visual novel with fantasy environment elements, like supernatural species in a modern world, or a magic realm and species like the land of Equestria in My Little Pony!

What dates does this run?

Now (July 20th) till the last day of August, August 31st (8/31/2018).

How do I sign up?

Click the purple "enter" button and you will be officially added to the list of participants! You can see the list of participants below on the bottom of this page!

What are the requirements of this contest/jam?

Your visual novel has to follow one of the following rules:

1 - Takes place in a fantasy land/world (Examples: Land of Sugaria in Skights, Equestria in My Little Pony)
2 - A supernatural or fantasy species created by you (Examples: Elven Race, Fairy Race)
3 - Has magic/supernatural rules in the world (Vampires can read minds; Werewolves turn into humans by day, wolves by night)

List of Participants

Username Visual Novel
SaturnzGalaxia No entry yet
Stormtr8per No entry yet
Mika07 No entry yet
charliesan763 No entry yet
ashhmer No entry yet
HaryuChan Mary and The Emotionless Sed |DEMO|
centridus No entry yet
KokichiOuma No entry yet
SteamboatSpark No entry yet
PrettyYandere690 Not yet Released
Jansen121 No entry yet
trinatube87 No entry yet
LUC1G07CH1Sama Not yet Released
hitsujisamaaa No entry yet
NoveltyDragon No entry yet
kavacha No entry yet
BlueReset No entry yet
LunaLotus No entry yet
UnicornToxico Not yet Released
RedEyedRocker No entry yet
Neeka No entry yet
ZodiacStories Not yet Released
Vanissh No entry yet
kirillstavropol No entry yet
lonewolf1012 No entry yet
hollowpoint No entry yet
fluffness Not yet Released
Lavity No entry yet
NovaStorm No entry yet
tycant No entry yet
Miifu No entry yet
TheIcyMageLuies No entry yet
DAX Not yet Released
Blackgrin Not yet Released
lenore The Price of Magic