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Proxy [DEMO v.3.0]   R-18 Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

Proxy [DEMO v.3.0]   R-18 Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

by Vanissh

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Released Wed Jun 06 2018

by Vanissh
66 Subscribers

After waking up in an unfamiliar place, Kei is forced into a situation she never expected. At risk, her life is on the line, and she must survive the trials that take place, or submit to a mortal's fate of death.


ezioauditor14 Nov 19th, 2020

the music came on but it is still at 92%

ezioauditor14 Nov 19th, 2020

it is still stuck on 92%

Icecreamscoop25 Aug 15th, 2020

Plz fix the loading problem T^T I realy wanna play this!

AbandonedAsh Jul 20th, 2020

Mine keeps getting stuck on 92% not sure why, but I’m exited to play!

KoukiChanOwO May 25th, 2020

Dear Author Chan,
Hello, my screen just got stuck on 92% when I press the play button, can you fix this? Thank you! :D

lunameep Apr 26th, 2020

The screen just keeps getting stuck on 92%

PanBean Apr 20th, 2020

oof uh there seems to be a problem with loading.. it gets stuck on 92%

jasonderulonazi Apr 15th, 2020

I don't want to sound like a Karen since I'm a Jason Derulo stan but the game can never fully load, its stuck on 92% and I'm a pussy to complain to the creator or the game or the owner of the site about this so yeah. I just want my h0rnee a$$ to feel loved by cp characters since its quarantine and this coochie needs love. Thank you for understanding.

Cherrytrash56 Feb 3rd, 2020

me: *goes to sleep*
My life: aight imma head out

DeadKopski Jan 18th, 2020

Quick question; on each option i choose to try to escape or sleep, i die- is this because the game isn't finished or am i doing something wrong? XD
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