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Proxy [DEMO v.2.0] R-18 Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

by Vanissh

40 Subscribers
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Released Wed Jun 06 2018

by Vanissh

40 Subscribers
After waking up in an unfamiliar place, Kei is forced into a situation she never expected. At risk, her life is on the line, and she must survive the trials that take place, or submit to a mortal's fate of death.


--All credit information is in the VN itself--


Linkleanne84 Jun 2nd, 2019

Continue pleaaaaaaase ! It’s so cool !!

spear Jun 2nd, 2019

this is really good I wanna see this to be continued

DeathGiver May 27th, 2019

Duuuude! I loved this can you please continue it?? We really lack good stories in this fandom and this was such a blessing!