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Nejireta Tomodachi -Twisted Friends-   PG-13 Discontinued

Nejireta Tomodachi -Twisted Friends-   PG-13 Discontinued

by RavenetteSenpai

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Released Wed Jul 22 2020

by RavenetteSenpai
24 Subscribers

#creepypasta#psychological horror#creepy#gore#mental illness#female protagonist
Erika Onishi and her childhood friend, Hatsu Chiharu, both third-years in high school, meet Annuska Fukami while looking for an academy to attend to. They became good friends and everything was great... until Erika and Hatsu find something out about Annuska that could possibly end their friendship with her. When Annuska becomes aware of this, she tries to do everything she can to make sure Erika and Hatsu don't cut ties off with her... even if she has to get blood on her hands to do it.
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Blood/gore, swearing, implied trauma/abuse, mental illness, murder, implied murder, & implied suicide.


Byssa6 Nov 21st, 2020

THEORY TIME: Ann's dad is dead and Ann's secrets is that she killed her dad or is a killer in general.
But hey, that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY

LushBear Aug 6th, 2020

The story is good but erika be dissing my hope bagel YGDWC

oneinamillion Jul 22nd, 2020

ooooh creepy front page, nice i like it.

AsrielDreemurr2232 Jul 22nd, 2020

First comment, yay!