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[Winter Jam] Snowed In at School [WIP]   Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

[Winter Jam] Snowed In at School [WIP]   Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

by FireLily01

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Released Sat Dec 23 2017

by FireLily01
10 Subscribers

Gloria, a sixteen-year-old high-school student has been friends with Emmet for years. But what happens when Emmet leaves her for another girl, Hazel? Gloria is devastated, of course. And the fact that the universe somehow thinks it's a good idea to have Gloria and her friends -- including Emmet and Hazel -- snowed in at school makes things worse! Now Gloria can't escape Emmet, the boy who was her best friend, or the Hazel, the girl hiding a secret. But there's someone else thrown into the mix -- a strange boy named Jayden. Jayden, or Jay as Gloria calls him, seems to want to help Gloria get through the betrayal she feels. But is he bluffing? And will Gloria go stir-crazy being snowed in at school with the one person she wants to avoid?
For the Winter Jam!