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entomophantasm [DEMO] PG-13 Ongoing

by shogako

57 Subscribers
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Released Sun Nov 18 2018

by shogako

57 Subscribers
You play as a little girl, Pandora Swinehart in the Victorian Era, who lives a sheltered life from the world outside. On a particular All-Hallow's Eve, though, she wishes she could go outside and join the festivities. Instead, she falls into an Alice-In-Wonderland type of world and begins her story there.

Credits are in the VN.

If you see any bugs, please let me know!


I am so excited to publish my newest visual novel, entomophantasm! I have really big plans for it (like every other novel orz) and I hope it's as thrilling as you all hoped for!

In the future, I plan on implementing more horror aspects and puzzles, but for now you can have this short little demo.

I didn't post it in time for the Halloween Jam, but I hope you all enjoy it nevertheless. I put in a lot of time and artwork into it and I hope I can make it into something great.

Happy Halloween, 2018!


NovelCreatorGirl May 8th, 2019

My screen was stuck on the loading screen and there was the text bar or something down the screen.