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entomophantasm [DEMO] PG-13 Ongoing

by shogako

50 Subscribers
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Released Sun Nov 18 2018

by shogako

50 Subscribers
You play as a little girl, Pandora Swinehart in the Victorian Era, who lives a sheltered life from the world outside. On a particular All-Hallow's Eve, though, she wishes she could go outside and join the festivities. Instead, she falls into an Alice-In-Wonderland type of world and begins her story there.

Credits are in the VN.

If you see any bugs, please let me know!


I am so excited to publish my newest visual novel, entomophantasm! I have really big plans for it (like every other novel orz) and I hope it's as thrilling as you all hoped for!

In the future, I plan on implementing more horror aspects and puzzles, but for now you can have this short little demo.

I didn't post it in time for the Halloween Jam, but I hope you all enjoy it nevertheless. I put in a lot of time and artwork into it and I hope I can make it into something great.

Happy Halloween, 2018!