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Joined Dec 22nd, 2015
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Jan 8th, 2021
Update 1/8/2021:

Hi everyone, I'm so glad you've been supportive of me and my artistic endeavors ever since I joined back in 2015. These past six years have certainly been interesting and, while it's been fun learning, creating, and meeting friends here, I think my time on CloudNovel is long gone.

Some things have come to my attention and I've lost interest in making visual novels. I've gotten rid of my visual novels and I plan on moving on with my own path. While I don't wish to make any more visual novels, I do believe I might make Into Adrielle Kingdom (formerly known as Toffee Kingdom) into book form!

If you wish to know why I can't continue this hobby, you can follow my Twitter. Various things have popped up and I just can't allow my stories to stay here any longer. With that being said, I had a wonderful time with all of you and hope to see you all succeed!

Thank you for allowing me to be here and showing me love and support!

All stories, characters, and anything created on CloudNovel on my account are still very much copyrighted.