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Crossstreams Hiatus

by konett

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Released Wed Mar 07 2018

by konett

75 Subscribers
Elenna recently moved to a small town from the city for a new job. The town is right next to the ine she grew up in, and out of nowhere she get's an invite for her high school reunion.

Elenna panics. She used to admired and respected for her smarts, looks social skills and althelic abilities, but she hasn't kept up with those in the last stressful years.

It's decided! Her recent move is exactly what she needs to get her life back on track. She aims to rediscover her youth, just in time to leave a stellar impression on her former classmates.

Help Elenna get ready for her highschool reunion by raising her stats and getting her through interactions with her former classmates before the event.


art by konett