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Fluffland [DEMO] Ongoing

by fluffness

483 Subscribers
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Released Sun Aug 05 2018

by fluffness

483 Subscribers
#Nori#Loria#another world#Kyrie#Yana#cute#Usachi#monoyagi#fluff#Numi#Surya#isekai#fluffland#Cylde#Leon#cemetery#minigames
Online DEMO contains 4 chapters and half of the features.
Offline DEMO on

SURVEY: character poll + feedbacks. Please asnwer these questions to get 500 fluffcoins for free!

check latest updates on discord

What if you're suddenly being kidnapped in a world full of cute beings called fluffs?? They're soft! They're fluffy!!
What will you do? Find a way to go home? Stay there? Find the culprit who threw you in this unreal place?
Live your new life and work, study, go shopping, take care of your garden!
Discover Cemetery, the land of night parties, and become the top fighter in arena!
What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

Available chapters: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Features I've already made/I'm working on:
-Free time exploration
-Usachi's FAQ corner
-Market (buy/sell)
-Dream mode
-Replay mode
-Gardening minigame
-Adoptable fluffs
-Cemetery black market

Features that have yet to be added:
-Customizable room (furnitures)
-Side quests (from notice board)
-Surya's events
-Numi's fortune telling
-Material collection
-Cafe minigame
-Cemetery arena battles
-Cemetery arena bets


Fluffland by fluffness
Story/development by Fluffness
Character design/art by Monoyagi and Fluffness
Music by CthulhuSeeker


TwistedTannerYT Nov 6th, 2019

this is awesome man

Animegumi Oct 5th, 2019

Fluffland makes me dead cuz everything is cute ( too much cuteness wanna hug them all )

LilBomberman Aug 27th, 2019

Hey, how do I start playing the game? When I start, I'm stuck in Dream Mode (End of Day 0) and I can't seem to get any further than the instruction dialogue.

Raithefox Aug 25th, 2019

I'm stuck in dream mode and when I try to restart the game it doesn't work

NemurenaiYume03 Aug 24th, 2019

Oh my fluff! This is adorable!!! I LOVE IT <3

vocaloid12343 Aug 23rd, 2019

I love this! great work!

Amypop8 Jul 22nd, 2019

Currently I am on Day 27 and it said the next main story episode will be on Day 12. Did I miss something?

Raithefox Jul 19th, 2019

I can't restart the game. I want to restart just for fun but I can't

Kuroneko13 Jul 18th, 2019

When I go to Fluffplains, I get stuck. Most of the time the only problem is dissapearing choices (which appear when I click on number of actions left) but sometimes I see a green squirrel with choices on side (talk, feed, play, back) and that's when choices either don't work or don't show up at all and I can't do a thing, and have to refresh the site.

Though the game indeed is really cute ^^

ccss10987 Jul 16th, 2019

I'm new to this site. I don't know why but none of the visual novels load correctly. I really want to play this, can someone help me?
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