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L u c i y n. - The Story of a Little Girl with Big Dreams PG-13 Completed Girl pursues Girl

by LUC1G07CH1Sama

22 Subscribers
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3,500 Words
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Released Wed Jan 31 2018

by LUC1G07CH1Sama

22 Subscribers
WARNING: This VN contais strong LGBT+ themes. If you're borthered by that, i don't reccomend you playing this VN.

This history happens after Philophobia Lover has been defeated.
After that, Luciyn never wanted to fall in love again. But with the motivation of her best friend and the discovering of her family's story, she tries to do her best for anything.

Finally, after 3000000000 years, I've done it! However, I'm tired so we'll just have silly spin-offs.


Sorta based off Undertale.
OCtale (Roleplaying Group) by Beatriz Helena.
Some characters might not belong to me.

Special thanks to:

ppppantsu ( ) for making the textbox and the choice interface

Iluminu for making the 'Hotland' background.

Bassnovel users for the music and some backgrounds.

Konett for making the 'Waterfall' background.

ThayBrownie for making the letter (Envelope).

tatsuya for making the new 'Default' bg.

Sound Effects found in SoundBible.

Arrow and some options (but save and load) are edited from an Undertale sprite. Undertale by Toby Fox.