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Not A Waluigi Dating Simulator   Completed Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy

Not A Waluigi Dating Simulator   Completed Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy

by wantabluebar, DHMIS1, DearSatanILoveYou

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Released Tue Apr 30 2019

by wantabluebar, DHMIS1, DearSatanILoveYou
12 Subscribers

#Nintendo#Waluigi#Smash Bros
You’ve been going to Mushroom King High for the past three years, and nobody’s really paid you much attention.
Until someone does.
Enter Waluigi, resident narcissist and pretty much the most hated person at school. Once he tricks you into dating him, there seems to be no going back.


JoshieBean Jul 7th, 2021

love it

RFPetals Jun 4th, 2021

Before reading this visual novel, I was a fool. I only liked romance stories. I liked Doki Doki Literature Club. 'TWAS I A FOOL! This, now this, is peak art and entertainment! I have never once been enthralled by such a masterpiece. The scene where Walguigi confronts his father at the dinner table, for not allowing him to be in Smash, has left me in tears. This has moved me on a spiritual, physical, and mental level. Never again, will my eyes grace anything better than this. 10/10

Seakobra Apr 27th, 2021

ok pretty much i came in expecting a meme, what i got was a dating sim that i would honestly love without waluigi, but yet i cant stop playing. amazing job op, especially with the art

DangItsMJ Apr 25th, 2021

is there any possible way we could get to date shyguy? 👉👈🥺

DaWeeabooMan Mar 3rd, 2021

my faith in humanity is restored

duckyducc Sep 8th, 2020

I absolutely adored this lol, It's amazing. Great work :D

BigBird Jul 9th, 2020

ahhh!!! i was the person who asked about this on tik tok and i love this game so much!!! The art style is amazing!!!

oneinamillion Jul 2nd, 2020

um okay weird play screen but Okay!

boondogggle Jun 17th, 2020

Oh my god this is gold

MusicalFreakFandomer May 21st, 2020

I just wanna say, this game is painfully underrated. I love it so much!!! -w-
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