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Community Rules and Public Civility

Postby Sonya » Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:50 pm

Hello CloudNovel users,

Over the past month, things have happened on the community forums that have been brought to my attention that some things need to be addressed.

1. You must be 13 years and older to be on CloudNovel
Several users have posted in the forums that they were 11 or 12, and I have had to deactivate their accounts since in our website terms and conditions, we only allow people older than 13 or 13 years of age to be on the site. Obviously, if you post on the site forums in the public comments/post that you are under 13, the moderators and I will see them and we will either ban you or deactivate your account until you reach the age of 13. I don't understand why you would admit you are under 13, I know many people lie about their age and unfortunately there is no way for moderators or admins to tell what your real age is. We trust that you will tell us your real age when you sign up on CloudNovel. Then again, we have had several instances where kids under 13 have admitted on CloudNovel they are 11 or 12, etc.

If you're smart, don't tell us you're 13 or under. :uh: We will ban or deactivate your account.

2. Don't report visual novels that don't contain certain content you want to see
We had several instances where users have reported the (18+) FNIA visual novel by TurnerJFrost(profile: TurnerJFrost) and the reason people have reported them was "This visual novel has no 18+ images/pornography, something is wrong with the visual novel" :uh: .

That's not something you should report to site administrators. Not because we don't allow hentai/eroge/yaoi, in our terms and conditions, hentai/eroge/yaoi IS allowed and you are welcome to make hentai VNs or yaoi VNs. However, just because a visual novel doesn't have the content you want to see, this isn't something that should be reported. You should talk to the visual novel author and/or leave comments in the visual novel about wanting the content you want to see.

Things that should be reported is if a comment/visual novel contains offensive content such as homophobia, racism, sexism, or anything that is humanely offensive and uncivil. Such as "I will kill you" threats, serious threats like that should NOT be said to other users, it is extremely offensive and we will take actions to send you a warning, or we will ban your account.

3. Do not threaten other users
Do not threaten, blackmail, send extremely offensive comments, to other users. We are pretty lenient on what can be posted, such as swearing and " :evil: " icons (F***, S**T, etc) is allowed, but if you threaten to kill another user on CloudNovel, that is unacceptable.

Don't be afraid to send any of the mods or admin a PM if you feel unsafe by another user.

That's all I wanted to announce, thank you all for reading this announcement.
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