Writing-Challenge #3

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Writing-Challenge #3

Postby LunaLotus » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:40 am

Hello Everyone :D

Writing challenge #3 starts today!

About the writing-challenge:
The writing challenges are a fun-project for the CN-Community. Everyone who likes to write can write a little story and share it with others and also improve their writing.
Since not everyone has the time/skill to join the art-challenge with a drawing you can write a little story for it :whee: .

1.Please post the link to your file as a comment or in the Doc!
2.You can write with any program or format you like for example: Doc’s, txt., word etc. just please upload them and post the link.
3. List the used themes.
4. You can combine any of these themes even with the art-challenge-theme!
5. Please add a Info if you wrote a story for either the writing- or art-challenge.
6. The deadlines will be listed at the end of the post.

*note: the rules in the forum are a little different than those in the doc.*


1.Rock star/s
2. If I/you had wings
3. Rocks and Gems


Angel vs Devil theme!


Writing challenge: ends on 22.08

Art-Challenge: 23. 08

Wish you all lot's of fun looking forward to your entries :3
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