(ARCHIVE 2015)

CloudNovel's visual novel jam that takes place in the summer!

(ARCHIVE 2015)

Postby Sonya » Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:09 pm

Below is the first visual novel jam "July Jam" held on CloudNovel in July 2015. This topic serves no purpose other than to look back at our first ever contest/jam.


    What is the July Jam?

    The July Jam is Cloudnovel's first visual novel event that takes place in the month of July 2015 where users on Cloudnovel create a visual novel from start to finish based on a theme selected for the Jam.

    Cloudnovel's July Jam is inspired by the famous NaNoReNo event held on lemmasoft forums each year.

    Do I have to sign up to participate?

    Yes in order to participate, you must be a user on Cloudnovel. This event is only available for Cloudnovel creators and visual novels created using Cloudnovel's engine/creator. (Signing up is free, and we accept any user who puts at least three words in the application)

    Is there a prize, and will there be judging?


    Yes, all the visual novels created for the July Jam will be judged by Cloudnovel admins based on the art and story (most importantly story). The winner of the July Jam visual novel event will have their visual novel featured on the front page of Cloudnovel's website for an entire month.

    Why should I participate in the July Jam?

    Well it's summer time, and why not do something fun? Many people start their visual novel projects but never finish them, because we all know visual novels take a lot of work, time, and effort to make and sometimes life(or laziness) gets in the way. With a deadline, and a little competition, use this opportunity to create a visual novel this summer!

    What is the theme?

    The theme for the July Jam is "horror" which means the visual novel you create must have the genre horror. This does not mean your visual novel must only be horror, nor does it have to be entirely focused on horror. You can have other genres such as romance, comedy, etc. (keep in mind that we will be judging on how well the story relates to the theme)

    Where do I post my visual novel for the July Jam?

    Please feel free to use this forum to post your visual novel progress, and use it like the ongoing projects forum, except only for projects created for the July Jam(all visual novels thread in the July Jam will be moved to a subforum in the Ongoing Projects form when the Jam is over)! That way, we will know you are participating. When you finish your visual novel, make sure to publish it and include the link to the published playable VN in both the thread you created, and PM SONYA the published link.


    1. Your visual novel project must be created and published between July 1st- July 31st. You can't use a project you already started before this event. Sorry guys! ( we will know if your project was created prior to the time frame stated above, so please follow this rule. We don't want you to work on a month long project just to have it disqualified later on because you created the project in June)

    Refer to this countdown to know when the Jam begins, and the deadline countdown for when the Jam ends to know when to create and publish your visual novel!

    2. Using Creative Commons work is okay, like using the resources in the resources forum! Make sure to credit the respective owners if you do use any of their resources!

    3. To participate, please PM Sonya with the following information:

    1-Title of visual novel
    2-Your name (and other teammates who are working with you)
    3-Your published visual novel link (when you've finished/published it)

    AND (optional) create a thread in the July Jam forum with your visual novel project. Feel free to use this thread as your 'work in progress' or updates for your July Jam visual novel, like the ongoing projects forum.

    Remember, YOU MUST PM SONYA THE PUBLISHED VISUAL NOVEL LINK when you have finished! Otherwise, we won't count you as a participant of the Jam!

    4. The visual novel you submit must be a completed work, so no sketches or WIP backgrounds, and no incomplete stuff!


Have fun everyone!!! If you have anymore questions, feel free to PM me! :smile:
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Re: How to participate & FAQs

Postby looifgames » Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:53 pm

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