Angel's Wings

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Angel's Wings

Postby KoolKoopaGirl » Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:54 pm

Fantasy/Action/Drama VN.

For many years, a magical scepter has been hidden within the Enchanted Forest of Thaeris. This scepter - known as the Angel's Wings - contains powerful magic that would overwhelm even the most advanced mages. The only person who can use it is the Light Princess, who can use the scepter to dispel evil. Legend says that one day, the Light Princess will claim the Angel's Wings to fight against the greatest evil Thaeris has ever faced.

Now, the kingdom is threatened by the Dark Fae Naelis, and only the Angel's Wings can defeat her. The kingdom believes their savior will be Maeoa, the eldest of the king's daughters and the one soon to be crowned Grand Priestess of Thaeris, or Laiara, the second eldest and the one soon to be crowned the Diamond of the Light Fae. However, in all that, they've overlooked the king's third daughter - Saena, the youngest and the one whose only job is to be offered up for marriage.

When her sisters and their bodyguards don't come back from the Enchanted Forest, it falls to Saena to leave the castle against the nobles' wishes and travel to find the Angel's Wings. Along the way, she will meet many people, including Aerim, a knight from the kingdom of Nimidia. But can she find the Angel's Wings and her sisters, evade those who are searching for her, and defeat Naelis?

Currently, I don't have the resources I need for the project. Hopefully, I'll be able to get those resources and I won't just be left with text on a background.
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Re: Angel's Wings

Postby Neeka » Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:14 pm

This sounds really interesting :) I hope you get all the resources you need to make this game ^^
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