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Ashley Norris
Joined Sep 24th, 2020
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Ashley Norris
Joined Sep 24th, 2020
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Sep 24th, 2020
Commented on Apocalyptic Dream Demo: Played through as Toshiro and then as Mikuru. Both were honestly enthralling! The art, voice acting, and story are great. This is more of a preference - but a couple times I clicked and the story did not progress because I had clicked on the textbox (which seems to be the only part of the screen that isn't the next panel clickbox). Personally I would just go ahead and include the text in that clickbox if it isn't a hassle. I used headphones, and all of the sound was totally fine. I'd recommend having them on low-ish as I did - even the "spooks" (I don't want to call them jump scares, but there were some sudden noises) were not too loud.