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Toffee Kingdom [HIATUS!] Teen 16 Hiatus Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy

by shogako, Sonya

57 Subscribers
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9,807 Words
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Released Thu May 11 2017

by shogako, Sonya

57 Subscribers
WARNING: There's flashing lights, partial nudity, blood, and slight swearing. Proceed with caution.

Click below for an overview of Toffee Kingdom AND an interesting Q&A!

You wake up without any idea where you are- and coming face-to-face with a mysterious girl in the woods. She offers to help you on your journey to find out who you are and the two of you start your adventure to Toffee Kingdom to reveal the dark truth of it all. . .

I'm finally finished with the whole novel! I'm so proud of this VN, it's taken me years to finally be able to say I'm done with it!

I just want to thank all the people that supported me wholly for my hard work, it's so heartwarming.

Special thanks to Sonya for some BGs, noodlesama for the love and support, and the many fans of Nailah!

So, what did you think of Toffee Kingdom? Leave comments down below, I love hearing people's thoughts! Be sure to put a spoiler warning if you do discuss the ending. Also make sure to rate and favorite the novel if you truly enjoyed it!

Most of my other novels have assets that aren't working, but I will try my hardest to make sure that doesn't happen to Toffee Kingdom!

Character Art+Storyline: shogako

Somebody wanted me to tell you what the music is from, so here they are!

Knights of Gold - Christopher Boscole
Suzumiya Haruhi OST - Yuuutsu No Yuuutsu
Pocket Mirror OST - The Sun Seeps Through
Pocket Mirror OST - Nightfall Phantasmagoria
Pocket Mirror OST - Rozen Garten
Pocket Mirror OST - Embellishment



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