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by shogako | Last Updated: January 7, 2018


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by shogako


January 7, 2018

Yaw~wn! It's morning, and Nailah realized she had a date today! Oh, no, but what should she wear? Help out Nailah choose a hair style and an outfit for her date!

How to play:
Click on the buttons once to go through outfits. Buttons with rainbows indicate that it's the same article of clothing, but has different colors and designs. If you're unhappy with how something looks, you can always click on the buttons to get Nailah undressed again.

So far, there's:
4 hairstyles
3 eyebrows
3 eyes
4 mouths
4 moodlets
2 dresses ; 4 colors for each
2 shirts ; 4 colors for each
2 bottoms ; 4 colors for each
2 socks
4 necklaces
2 accessories
1 easter egg outfit

This game is to sort of mark the one-year anniversary of Toffee Kingdom! I'm sure I'll add more clothes or hairstyles, but for now, I hope everyone enjoys this small little game! Special thanks to noodlesama and her continuous support, it's been so fun.

Proud of an outfit combo you made for Nailah? Be sure to show me in the comments below! I'd love to see people having fun with my game!~

It's sort of a test to just see how the dress-up game works with my art. If there's any bugs, please let me know.

Art is done by me, Nailah belongs to me, and buttons also belong to me. Please do not use any of these without my permission. The song is Bright Outside - Misao OST #3

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