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(- Music is only available in the first scene.
- The current only clickable buttons on the title screen are, start and load.)

The protagonist lives a normal dull life, working at the loathsome cafe just wanting something interesting to happen in her life.
She had a horrible day, messing up orders and spilling drinks, wanting only for it to end soon, to return to the comfort of her lonesome home.
Ultimately she had made it back to her lonesome home, but just as she thought the day couldn't get worse her insomnia wouldn't let her sleep.
In defeat, she ignored all safety precautions and overdosed on her sleeping pills causing her to experience a lucid dream.
In this dream, she experiences a contrast of her life in reality.
But does it really all go well?

This is for the Easter Jam 2019
Themes: Spring, Easter Holiday, Bunnies, Chicks, Easter Eggs, Flowers, Nature, Comedy, Happy Endings