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May contain scenes or sexual references, violence, death, Drawings with Chari colors that can hurt the view, disturbing music and sounds and much more.

please play with awareness of your health and your condition.

in case of problems; talk about it in the comments or if you have discord; to talk about it as part of the discord group.

this game and preferably play it on the PC.

Spring Metal is an antro rabbit, the only one in the world.
he wakes up on the Alubawa beach near the great ocean where he meets his human friends. but because of a prank of theirs; ends up being kidnapped by something under water and dragged to the bottom of the ocean.

can he come out of the ocean floor with a little help?

Visual Novel and Combat game; the choices are just questions so it all depends on how you decide to fight. fight from peaceful, neutral or genocide.

inspired games:

Undertale (for combat)
Bioshock (for Violence)

This game is Part of the Ocean Paradise Jam 2019.

the Next Chapter will be started after another similiar jam start (there a might chance that this story will remain forever first chapter since some problems you can find by completing the story)