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roland heath
United States
Joined Oct 2nd, 2023
roland heath
United States
Joined Oct 2nd, 2023
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Oct 2nd, 2023
Posted a new reply in That Summer's Day in the Discuss Your Visual Novel forum:
marieClaire said:

I am halfway done with the story for the second love interest... YAY!

It took a while to disconnect from the first story, but eventually I was able to do it... after going on a bit of detour... almost going into a different rating category for my VN. Thank GOD I was able to get back on track! I really want to keep it PG-13 for now!!! Though I might make a mature version of it later... maybe... I will have to age my characters a bit though if I do... territorial io

Here's another sneak peek... of one of the scenes...
I just have to post it, because I had so much fun doing it!

As you can see, the stall is not quite ready... the pastries are not out of the oven yet... ☺️

This is a scene I made using photobashing, based on a CC0 photo. I am definitely not a background artist, and manipulating photos is the only way right now for me to make nice looking scenery for my VN. It was quite fun to create though!

I've used this method to create a few other backgrounds for my VN. You'll be able to tell which scenes were the ones I made first, and which were the ones I made after having a little more practice.

That is all for now!

As of right now, I hope to release the beta version of the VN in about two months!

@marieClaire Your game looks so amazing. The characters are also really beautiful. Do you complete this game and release the beta version? I really want to try it.