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Joined Aug 24th, 2021
Joined Aug 24th, 2021
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Apr 27th, 2023
Created new topic did the email get hacked or smth in the General forum: i just got a cloudnovel email that is completely insane and deranged, and all the links look like they lead to a phishing website. wtf is going on
Jul 17th, 2022
Posted a new reply in Best free place to host files? in the Support forum: I've ended up hosting files on, i just set up a blank website and uploaded the images there.
Dec 11th, 2021
Created new topic Best free place to host files? in the Support forum: Where is the best free place to host my files?
Currently, we're using Trello and Discord, but Discord feels risky and I've found Trello assets stop working if the trello hasn't been active for a while, so we're looking for another option.
Nov 27th, 2021
Replied to a comment on Do Not Backstab Me, Jacob:
Beanabee said: This is really cool so far! It wouldn't load for me past the dorm part, but I like it so far!
Thank you, we're glad to hear you like our game. Unfortunately, progress is going slow so we haven't made it past the dorm section, but it'll be coming soon!
Aug 25th, 2021
Aug 24th, 2021
Created new topic Get certain endings based on flags? in the Support forum: In my game, I want a character to have certain emotions depending on what choices you make, and have different endings depending on which emotion they feel at the end. How would I do this?