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Eat Your Heart Out Demo!   PG-13 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

Eat Your Heart Out Demo!   PG-13 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

by peachmilk

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Released Mon Apr 13 2020

by peachmilk

#cooking#psychological horror#meta#lgbt#horror#minigame
Romance Comedy Horror Slice of Life Drama
On one hot summer's day, you decide to enter a little cafe to get a drink. Little did you know that this decision would have great consequences. Will you meet the girl of your dreams? Or will you find yourself eating your heart out?


ThatNotGoooodArtistGrimes Dec 30th, 2021


bombomb123 Oct 5th, 2021

it won't load :'(

Itsamemario Aug 23rd, 2021

This looks promising!! I clicked this story on a whim just to try one out, and I ended up enjoying it a lot! I can't wait to see where this goes.

ohyayimgay Mar 20th, 2021

Why is Sal the least popular?? I love her with my whole heart <3

thatinkdemonborisGrimes Feb 27th, 2021

this is doki doki literature club i love this game though it is dark

animecrossing13 Feb 11th, 2021

OMG is soo cute I love your art style 10/10 when the game is done I will 100% play it

velvettkittie Jan 24th, 2021

I love your demo so far!! Also!! If i were to make fanart, where could i send it?

aurorahborealis Jan 21st, 2021

Going in completely blind and I am excited!

ElivaraFloof Jan 13th, 2021

HDbebEJBDJHD SALLLLLL I LOVE YOUUUUU!! This is amazing!! I wish i could do art like this for a visual novel I'm making... i have to use a character creator :<. but SUUUUUPER Good!!

Byssa6 Jan 6th, 2021

My predictions for this game:
Sweet route: you and bonnie form a close bond.
Sour route: You and lemon form a close bond.
Salty route: You and Unami form a close bond.
Bitter route: You and Pomelo form a close bond.
Main Game: It starts out sweet. but Then, people except one start dieing. once the final one except one dies, you realize that the remaining girl was behind this, And If you choose their route(except if the remaining girl is Sal, Which makes a lot of sense for her to kill the others.), Something like an Easter egg will happen. Then, once you do something, The end begins. ( I Know it's the plot of DDLC but still)
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